Alexia Carter

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Carter, Alexia
Mobile Infantry
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Date of Birth: August 2nd, 2278
Origin: Silversong Stand, Arcadia
Sex: Female
Rank: Private
Current Unit: 81st Edinburgh Dragoons
Status: Alive

Early Life

Born in an Outpost on Arcadia, Alexia's parents were dedicated hunters who had migrated to Arcadia. Her father a former Infantry Lance Corporal, and her mother a civilian.

Life on the frontier of Arcadia was a bit more extreme than in the main cities, with an increased likelihood of death from many of Arcadia's predatory lifeforms. As the only child, she was under strict ruling to never leave the Outpost's walls, and so ended up rather sheltered.

Having the itch to go out hunting with her father or to join the Stand's guards, an neighbourhood watch organisation of Citizens who would supplement the Police force. A not officially legal organisation, but a not unwanted force, as due to the nature of the life on Arcadia, the extra moritas and other PDW's it allowed the law enforcement to focus on other elements. Alexia joined the Mobile Infantry (Not that her grades would've allowed for Fleet or Military Intelligence) to gain skill with a rifle, and so that she could return home and buy her own gun.

After joining, she would spend a year in boot before being placed with 7th Fleet's Battalion, taking part in Operation Salvation. However, she would later be transferred to the 81st Edinburgh Dragoons upon its assignment to the Stirling, to boost the trooper count.

Military Career

Branch of Service: Mobile Infantry

Enlisted: March 12th, 2299

Previous Units: 932nd Moritas Battalion, Beta Company [Reassigned],

13th Training Regiment, 6th Battalion, Alpha Company [Graduated]


Flamer usage.

Service Record

  • Began Boot Camp on December 25th, 2297
  • Promoted to Recruit on July 2th, 2298
  • Completed Boot Camp on August 16th, 2298
  • Assigned to 932nd Moritas Battalion on November 16th, 2299
  • Involved in the events on Hesperus on October 28th, 2298
  • Promoted to Private on November 3rd, 2298
  • Assigned to 81st Edinburgh Dragoons on June 6th, 2300
  • Involved in Operation: Dazzle on June 10th, 2300
  • Carson's Cavaliers were awarded with the Valorous Unit Award on June 12th, 2300