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Allegiance United Citizens' Federation
Population Massive (25m+)
Mass 0.98 Earths
Radius 0.93 Earths
Atmosphere Breathable (oxygen rich)
Climate Varied
A rather pleasant archipelago-planet, Altheanians are descendants of areas such as Greece and Italy, with a minor population sourcing from France and Spain. The tropical climate and sea-side life make for a rather favorable vacation spot, as well as a culture-rich people who value the quality of their products over the quantity.


Key Information

Key Locations

New Athens - The capital city of Althea, as well as the most popular tourist site on the planet, New Athens is a coastline city of beauty and wonder, highlighted by the large 'Ellian's Square' marketplace that houses hundreds of thousands of vendors every year. New Athens' architecture is one that attracts citizens from all around the Federation, as it's builders had used a modernized take on ancient Greek and Italian architecture.

Monte di Napolia - The most heavily populated of the mountainous regions, Monte di Napolia is a island-spanning town reserved to those who live the relaxed life. Traditions of festivals and the annual Althea Soccer Championship make this town a place of deep culture, with many inhabitants being through-and-through citizens of the Federation.

Corrina - The sister island to Monte di Napolia, Corrina is similar in regards to it's status as a island-spanning town, although differs in purpose. The majority of the land on Corrina is devoted to the growth of agriculture goods such as olives, grapes, including the famous 'Broad-Leaf Sun Grapes' used by chefs across the galaxy for the texture and quality of the leaves of the plant, rather than the grapes themselves. Otherwise, the planet struggles to gain population past the farmers that reside there due to superstitions regarding the excavation and removal of a Skinnie Artifact from the island at hand.

Key People

Gov. Lukas Burellis - Residing as the current governor of Althea, Burellis is a member of the Federal Conservative Party. Renowned for his devotion to both his people, as well as the strong ties held with the Federation, Burellis is well-received among nearly all of Althea's citizens.

Lt. Miguel Ellian - An Altheanian-born trooper of the 48th PDF MI, Lieutenant Ellian has been revered as a hero and an icon among nearly all Altheanians due to his posthumously-awarded Hero of the Federation, which he had earned in boarding a Progenitor vessel during the Progenitor Invasion of the Ariadne Oura system, In this, Ellian bought time for the citizens to evacuate the planet by sacrificing himself to destroy the vessel. The 48th Bravo Company, which was under his command at the time, was also awarded a unit citation for the Hero of the Federation as well, all of them posthumously-awarded. In his honor, the capital's main market was renamed from the simple 'Market Square' to 'Ellian's Square'. Multiple small towns and minor islands are also named after members of the 48th PDF MI as well.


In 2269, Althea was the first planet in the Ariadne Oura System to be colonized. A rather pleasant island-planet, Althea attracted individuals from areas such as Greece and Italy, with a minor population sourcing from France and Spain. Unlike most colonists within the MidRim, Altheanians are incredibly proud of their heritage on Terra, instead of the independent confidence held by colonists such as Karrussians, or even Kredians.

Being just below the size of Terra, Althea seemed to be a perfect colonization. Whilst not very diverse mineral and agriculturally, Althea became most well renowned for their furniture and craftsmanship. Althea is the largest exporter of furnishings and household decorations in the entire Federation. Whilst most of this furnishing is done in factories, there are a staggering amount of hand-made craftsman who uphold the creative traditions of their Terran heritages. Wonderful architecture and exquisite woodworking is just the very surface of the vast sea of craftsmanship on Althea.

During the Progenitor Wars, most Altheans took refuge on Iquis, their rather inhospitable neighbor planet. With the incredible heat and dense mountain-forests, the Progenitors took less attention to this planet than they had the inner colonies of Hesperus, Karrus, and even Terra itself. Once the war had ended, most Altheanians were not only eager to rebuild their home, but in the process formed a rather strong bond with their Iquissian neighbors. This, in essence, brought about a rather heavy economic boom due to the two colonies working in tandem to supply one another. Now, Altheanians and Iquissians usually refer to one another’s planets as a ‘sister-planet’, even though the two do not scientifically meet the standards of a twin-planet system.




Althea’s economy is rather multi-faceted, but mostly focused on three primary trades.

   Education, Fishing, and Tourism.

- Althea’s four colleges largely focus on Liberal Arts, with one specifically focused on Architectural Engineering. These colleges claim to bring about the brightest musicians, artists, and performers out of any colony, although no statistical evidence has been done to prove this.

- Fishing lays more of a way of life, rather than a genuine trade on Althea. With the planet being one massive archipelago, the people of Althea live off of the waters at hand, and have proven to be quite self-sustaining on the food-side.

-Lastly, tourism is the trade that brings in the most cash, with numerous sights of beauty across the planet. As of recent, the Fehna Virus had caused a close-down of the entire island of Monte di Napolia, quarantining all inside. After a rather harsh mutation of the virus, the island was put under complete Federal lockdown, putting a firm thorn into the tourism business’ side due to consumer’s fear of the Fehna-R Virus. Monte di Napolia’s sister island, Corrina, has since been declared cleansed of the Fehna Virus, although the place has been largely avoided by the populace due to it’s rather ‘superstitious’ history.



Current Government


Federal Status

Althea is represented on the Federal Council by Councilman Alexios Bardossa.