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Anastasia Kreslina (Анастасия Креслина, *2276, September 6th in Zelenogorsk, Russia) is a former member of the Mobile Infantry and a Citizen of the Federation, formerly serving under the command of Lieutenant Carson (81st Edinburgh Dragoons, 'Carsons Cavaliers'). After the Cavaliers fall from grace she dropped out and requested a unit-transfer at first before resigning from the Mobile Infantry. Her remains are unknown as of current.

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Kreslina, Anastasia
Mobile Infantry
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Date of Birth: September 6th, 2276
Origin: Russia, Terra
Sex: Female
Rank: Sergeant
Current Unit: 81st Edinburgh Dragoons
Status: Alive

Grown to age in Zelenogorsk, close to Saint Petersburg on Terran (Earth) former russian soil, Kreslina enlisted to serve the federation as early as the age of eighteen as soon as she graduated from school in late 2294. With the intention of serving the minimum-requirement in order to obtain fullpledged citizenship she was transferred a multitude of times and switched around various units and their batallions. Without much of a chance to set foot in one divison Kreslina was already being signed off to the next, resulting in a constant nullification of the time-served in her file. Kreslina found herself in service for a total of four years with only two actually being accounted towards the requirement for Citizenship due to the steady transfers.

Military Career

Kreslina absolved the IFV Agility-engagement course in a record-time of one minute and fifty-six seconds, setting a record for the 81st Edinburgh Dragoons

Branch of service: Mobile Infantry

Enlisted: September, 2294

Resigned: August, 2300

Units served:

  • 88th Morita Rifle Batallion
  • 110th Morita Rifle Battalion
  • 33rd Logistics Battalion
  • 112th Morita Rifle Battalion
  • 47th Morita Rifle Batallion
  • 81st Edinburgh Dragoons

With the TEMPLAR incident, in which a member of Carson's Cavaliers fired a duo of TON warheads aimed for the friendly FOB Hermes on Apophis, she requested a transfer to a different unit before dropping out of service completely, tallying up a service-record of six and a half years served.

Kreslina, 2298, as seen on a draft for recruitmentposters for the Marksman branch in St. Petersburg, Russia.


Designated Marksman - Pointman - Grenadier - Weapon Specialist (see below)

Kreslina, 2300, taking the peacemaker pistol mastery course.

Medical History

  • Biotech replacement, left leg, knee-down.

Decorations (81st Edinburgh Dragoons)