Atichat Saiphan

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Saiphan before enlisted into MI

Back story

Atichat Saiphan is the oldest brother in his family. Originally an orphan child living in capital city of Thailand, Bangkok. Living his own life by stealing, searching trash for foods, etc. He only knows the nick name that homeless man who help him and gave him his shelter "KraKraeng." (Which translated into Strong in english.) Then sometimes later he was adopted by Saiphan's mother, Ratchanee Saiphan.

He went through high-school with high physical grades and degrees. He's excel in sports also finds himself having another talent at cooking.

After that he went to work in his family restaurant before joining up the MI. He's been serving for 2 years and a half. After his death of his younger brother Devin Saiphan. He swears to avenge him no matter what.

Family Record

Spc. Devin Saiphan: Younger Brother (Deceased)

Kanitha Saiphan: Younger Sister (Alive)

Ratchanee Saiphan: Mother (Alive)

Medical Records

Laceration on the left cheek. Injured while fighting Arachnids. From mouth up to ear: HEALED. SCAR REMAINS.

Gun shot wound on right chest. Injured while fighting Seperatist: HEALED.

Laceration on the right arm. Injured while fighting Arachnids: HEALED. SMALL SCAR REMAINS

Laceration on the right cheek. Unknown Injury circumstances. From mouth up to ear: HEALED. SCAR REMAINS.

20 - 30 small pieces of sharpnels stuck through out the body: HEALED. SOME REMAINS INSIDE.

Combination of second and third degree burn on his chest, left thigh, right side of the face: HEALED. BURNT MARK REMAINS.

Service Records

Current Posting: 50th Morita Regiment, 6th Mobile Infantry Division, 112th Battalion, 47th Battalion, Alpha Company, 1st Platoon, 81st Edinburgh Dragoons, 1st Platoon Carson's Cavaliers.

Criminal Record: Stealing foods, Money.

Awards Records

x1 Mobile Infantry Cross

x1 Silver Star

x1 Veteran Combat Medal

x1 Combat Action Medal

x1 Purple Heart

x1 Operation Leviathian's Bane Ribbon