Boot Hill

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Boot Hill

Allegiance United Citizens' Federation
Population Established (100k+)
Mass 0.8
Radius 0.8
Atmosphere Breathable (oxygen rich)
Climate Mild
Initially settled by pilgrims from a Terran fringe religious group known as the New Faith, Boot Hill's mild climates and rolling meadows were quickly transformed into pastures by its settlers. Being a member of the Trio, the colony managed to subsist without Federal assistance until Skinny raids brought them under the Federation's protection. Boot Hill is partially administered by a quasi-religious government that is subservient to the Federal Council, who appear to give the Trio a bit of slack in regards to sovereignty of the Federation. Despite this, the denizens of the Trio recognize the supremacy of the Federation, and while some grumble, they accept Federal rule.

On the edge of Federation space, the Trio is the name commonly used for a group of three stars in remarkably close proximity to one another. For years, groups of separatists and religious extremists had been establishing their own unofficial colonies out past the border of Federation space, close to what SICON had identified as Skinny space. Meanwhile, back on Earth a fringe religious group calling itself New Faith, which blended elements of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism into a bewildering spiderweb of tenets, had begun making a nuisance of itself. While still loyal to the Federation, the UCF considered its membership disruptive. As the leaders of New Faith had begun to speak of finding a new home for themselves and their followers, the Federation offered them a deal. The Federation would give the people of New Faith full colonisation rights to the three habitable worlds in the Trio, in return for reduced prices on trade goods purchased by them and use of the planets as military staging areas if necessary. The deal was struck and New Faith had a new home.

The current governor of the Trio is James Pendleton, a man who served only one term with Fleet before going into politics. The colonists of the New Faith would prefer to have one of their own as governor but none of them have the required sovereign franchise as citizens.


Once the three colonies of the Trio were established, the Federation and SICON mostly stayed away. Fleet gave only passing protection to the colonies and there was little interaction with them except for cargo runs that swing past the planets every other month. Once the people of New Faith had divided themselves up among the three worlds, they set to work with a purpose at making these planets their own. Even with little help from the Federation, they quickly tamed the alien landscapes, turning their worlds into booming agricultural centres almost overnight.

The situation seemed destined to remain exactly that way until the Skinnies began to raid the colonies of the Trio and SICON arrived in force to protect the colonies, even the unofficial colonies out beyond Federation space that had been hit hardest and most often by the Skinnies.

As a part of Operation; Clean Sweep, there has been a massive buildup of SICON forces in the Trio, ready to move against the Skinnies when the command comes. This is not very popular with the New Faith colonists but they remain loyal to the Federation and certainly prefer SICON to the Skinnies.


The colonists of the Trio are all followers of the New Faith, a religious belief which seems numbingly complex to outsiders. However, they are usually open and friendly toward any visitors to their colonies, so long as those visitors respect their religious beliefs and laws. Each of the colonies is organised into a number of collectives, each of which shares labour, rewards and possessions equally among its members.

Laws and Government

The three colonies of the Trio are governed jointly by a group of church elders. While this is not, strictly speaking, acceptable under Federation law as the elders are not citizens, the UCF has been willing to look the other way. There have been mumblings from the colonists about replacing Federation law with religious law but each time these mumblings become more than a soft murmur, the colonists are reminded that that would qualify as subversive behaviour and the matter is dropped. Though they are friendly and open toward visitors, the New Faith colonists prohibit anyone not from SICON from venturing beyond the spaceport areas of their colonies.


Despite the price breaks given to the Federation by the colonists, they seem to live quite well on the sales of their exports. All profits are administered by the church elders, who in turn make all necessary purchases for the colonies and hand out goods to the various collectives based on need.

Points of Interest

There are no points of interest in the Trio colonies.