Call Signs

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Call Signs


MOBCOMM Mobile Infantry Command
CAVALIER Carson's Cavaliers

CAVALIER 1 1st Squad
CAVALIER 1-1 1st Squad, Fire Team 1
CAVALIER 1-2 1st Squad, Fire Team 2

CAVALIER 2 2nd Squad
CAVALIER 2-1 2nd Squad, Fire Team 1
CAVALIER 2-2 2nd Squad, Fire Team 2

CAVALIER 3 3rd Squad
CAVALIER 3-1 3rd Squad, Fire Team 1
CAVALIER 3-2 3rd Squad, Fire Team 2

Use of Call Signs

A call sign is an identifier to be used as part of radio procedure.

Each individual group in the Mobile Infantry, down to fire-team level, has a unique call sign.

In the Mobile Infantry, the most common call sign will be the unique name of a trooper's platoon. This streamlines communication between platoons of the same company.

Part of MOBCOMM's duty is to inform operational units of the call signs of other units in their area of operations.

Call Sign Numbering

Numbers are used to specify individual elements within a call sign.

For example, CAVALIER indicates the entire platoon of Carson's Cavaliers.

CAVALIER 1 indicates only the first squad of Carson's Cavaliers.

CAVALIER 1-1 indicates only the first fire team of the first squad of Carson's Cavaliers.

Some numbers are used to indicate specific individuals within an element (E.g. the number 7 is often used to indicate the element's commander).

General Call Signs

While usually ignored in favour of specific unit call signs, these general call signs can sometimes be used to communicate a type of unit in the field.

  • SUNRAY: Commander.
  • MINOR: Assistant Commander.
  • FOXHOUND: Mobile Infantry
  • HOLDFAST: Combat Engineers
  • STARLIGHT: Combat Medics
  • IRONSIDE: Marauders
  • FORTUNE: MIPOD Operatives
  • HAMMER: Armour Elements
  • PLAYTIME: Logistics & Transport
  • SHELDRAKE: Artillery
  • ACORN: Intelligence Staff
  • ATOL: Aerial Elements
  • PRONTO: Special Forces