Churn Y81A

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Churn Y81A

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Allegiance Unaffiliated
Population Uninhabited
Mass 0.05 Jupiters
Radius 0.01 Jupiter
Atmosphere Non-breathable (other)
Climate Varied

A hydrogen-helium gas giant, Churn Y81A was the site of an unparalleled cosmic event roughly 1.8 million years ago. An extrasolar body about 200 square kilometers in size was drawn into Churn's gravity well and struck the Jovian planet, blasting enough dust and material into orbit to create a ring.

An urban legend has grown over this event. The story goes that if the extrasolar body (usually called a comet) was unaffected by the gravity well of Churn, it would have coincided with an orbit of Daskeon and created an extinction-level event on that planet. Prevailing scientific opinion holds that this is an exaggeration at best.

The image shows the gas giant Churn Y81A from the surface of one of the moons of Daskeon.