Claire Dupont

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Dupont, Claire
Mobile Infantry
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Date of Birth: November 26th, 2278
Origin: New Lyon, Scarvis
Sex: Female
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Current Unit: 81st Edinburgh Dragoons
Status: Alive

Early Life

Born on Scarvis within the borders of the coastal settlement of New Lyon, Dupont's parents migrated via the Veteran’s Housing Initiative (VHI). As the youngest child of the family she lived a relaxed and normal childhood. Upon turning eighteen she went on to higher education about roughly a semester before dropping out and opted to join the Scarvan Planetary Defense Force. After spending about a year with the PDF staring at the scorching desert, Dupont opted out and passed examination to enlist into the Mobile Infantry.

Military Career

Branch of Service: Mobile Infantry

Enlisted: March 12th, 2999

Previous Units: 101st Rifles Battalion, Delta Company [Disbanded],

3rd Training Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Golf Company [Graduated]


Service Record

  • Began Boot Camp on March 19th, 2299
  • Promoted to Recruit on March 19th, 2299
  • Completed Boot Camp on September 21st, 2299
  • Stationed at Boot Camp as clerk on September 30th, 2299
  • Assigned to 101st Rifles Battalion on November 16th, 2299
  • Partook in the events on Mara ####
  • Promoted to Private on ####
  • Promoted to Lance Corporal on ####
  • Promoted to Corporal on ####
  • Assigned special duty within Military Intelligence offices on ####
  • Assigned to 81st Edinburgh Dragoons on June 6th, 2300
  • Awarded the Distinguished Service Commendation and Good Conduct Commendation on June 6th, 2300
  • Partook in Operation: Dazzle on June 10th, 2300
  • Carson's Cavaliers were awarded with the Valorous Unit Award on June 12th, 2300
  • Promoted to Sergeant on June 13th, 2300
  • Awarded the Silver Star, Good Conduct Commendation, and Professional Development Commendation on June 14th, 2300
  • Promoted to Staff Sergeant on June 28th, 2300
  • Awarded the Emergency First Aid Commendation on July 11th, 2300