Communications Network

From Federal Database

Preset Frequencies
Kilo 127.0
Mike 128.0
November 129.0
Oscar 120.0
Papa 60.0
Romeo 111
Sierra 344
Tango 500
Uniform 333
Victor 95
Whiskey 105


These rules are guidelines, made with no specific situation in mind. A situation may require that these rules are broken. With all things, apply common sense.

For a more detailed look at how radio communications should be handled, see radio procedure.


Com-1 is used for close level squad communications. If working closely with a group of others, in the same rough area, you should be on the same Com-1 as them.

One squad should always be using Kilo (127) on Com-1.


Com-2 is for specialist communications. NCOs, engineers, and medics may use this channel to communicate outside of their squads.

Troopers without a specialisation may use Com-2 for fire team communications.


Com-3 is global communications, used for emergencies, or during communications snarl-ups. For this reason, Com-3 should always be set to November (129).