Constantine Carter

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Constantine Carter
81st Edinburgh Dragoons


Date of Birth: October 29 2280
Origin: Iskander
Sex: Male


Rank Private

Service History


Participated in base day training, learning about and operating the IFV, machine gun emplacements, and mortars. Took part in sweep-and-clear exercises before attending an awards ceremony.


Deployed in response to a distress call from a Federal research lab, experimenting on toxic ocean waters and an unknown psychic presence. Fell behind after taking a piss, ended up rear-guard on the surface.


Deployed as reinforcements to Abel 1, as part of Operation Dazzle. Attached to Corporal Kreslina's squad, and participated in a Control Bug check on the residents of a local village. Eliminated a Control Bug and its host, not before it managed to injure Deckard Lawson with a handgun. Later moved to a bubbling pit of geysers and engaged arachnids while the unit nuked bug hives.


Deployed to Abel 1, as part of Operation Dazzle. Under Corporal Dupont's leadership, advanced through and eliminated a large battery of Plasma Bugs en route to a major arachnid hive, known colloquially as the maw. At the maw, personally engaged and eliminated a number of Tankers and Royals with HEAT and HEDP rounds. Destroyed an emergent bughole and eliminated an advancing Royal on the rear flank of the unit with a TON round. Provided covering fire for engineers who planted a number of DOTONs around the maw, leading to its destruction. Following these events, the Cavaliers received a Valorous Unit Medal.


Deployed to Abel 1, as part of Operation Dazzle. In Corporal Walker's Red team, advanced on point into the arachnid aerial exclusion zone en route to a Brain Bug's lair. Constantine engaged arachnid swarms with HEDP to good effect, and closed multiple holes while on the move. The unit advanced through hostile resistance, with Carter and others taking out multiple Tankers and Royals with HEAT. The unit reached a garrison building at the edge of a mountain range, and fortified the position to lure out arachnid hordes before a joint assault. Constantine assisted with base assembly, digging and stacking sandbags. During the hold-out, he engaged bugholes and arachnid swarms with HEDP, and took out multiple encroaching royals with HEAT. When the Templars entered the area, Constantine defended their advance each time by blowing apart the arachnid swarms bearing down on their LAV. Each time they dropped off equipment, Constantine dropped his pack to tote ammo, bringing boxes and chargers to his team and Blue team as well. During the last leg of the operation, Constantine and the Red team pulled rear guard, supporting Blue team's flank as the unit planted explosive charges inside of the arachnid hive. Upon emerging, Constantine engaged and destroyed multiple Royals and Tankers with HEAT, depleting his supply of rockets and most of a resupply from Sergeant Ward before another unit in the field was able to destroy the Brain Bug.


Deployed to Abel 1, to a city suburb. On Corporal Mclaggen's Blue team, the unit moved through the streets to eliminate a bug super-highway in the sewers while the Templars held out nearby to divert the arachnid's main force. The unit laid mines and eliminated light resistance on the surface, before entering the sewers. Below, Constantine joined a detachment that swept the tunnels and eliminated workers and warriors, clearing the way for the combat engineers to lay explosive charges. The Templars nearby were overwhelmed, and the arachnids swarmed the entrance of the super-highway behind the Cavaliers. After fighting to the surface, the platoon held off a swarm of arachnids from both directions. During the onslaught, multiple troopers were wounded and Technical Sergeant Lawson was killed in action, exploded by his own mine after falling into a bughole. Constantine moved back and forth between lines during this time, killing numerous warrior swarms with his M55 firing HEDP rounds. The infantry had a hot extraction, dragging their wounded away from unrelenting bug assault.

Certifications & Trainings

Morita X

E-Pulse 44






Valorous Unit Medal - 06/12/2300