Daniel Parkes

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Parkes, Daniel
Mobile Infantry
Parkes smoking a cigarette in college


Date of Birth: June 25th, 2277
Origin: London, England, Terra
Sex: Male
Rank: Medical Specialist Grade 5
Current Unit: Carson's Cavaliers, 81st Edinburgh Dragoons
Status: Alive

Early Life


Military Career

Branch of Service: Mobile Infantry

Enlisted: September 7th, 2299

Previous Units: 10th Training Regiment, 507th Battalion, Charlie Company [Graduated]



Service Records

  • Began Boot Camp on September 15th, 2299
  • Promoted to Recruit on April 24th, 2300
  • Completed Boot Camp on June 12th, 2300
  • Assigned to Carson's Cavaliers, 81st Edinburgh Dragoons on July 20th, 2300
  • Deployed to secure and clear a hospital area of arachnids on July 20th, 2300
  • Helped provided protest and riot control on Rhohan on July 23rd, 2300
  • Assisted in finding and securing a lost Templar unit on July 24th, 2300
  • Helped secure FOBs Mexico and Cerveza on day one of Operation Perseus Veil on July 28th, 2300

Medical Records