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Allegiance The Arachnid Empire
Population Uninhabited
Mass 1
Radius 1
Atmosphere Breathable (oxygen rich)
Climate Varied
Dionysus was once a planet that belonged to the Federation prior to 2278, but was lost to the Arachnids after the planet was rapidly overwhelmed in the first few months of the year. Prior to the planet's invasion, Dionysus had several colonies and a population of 4 billion. Cities such as Xiaogan,  Eckard, Mesa Verde, were prominent civic centers where denizens enjoyed a high standard of living much similar to cities on earth. Dionysus' mineral wealth and agricultural potential made the planet a highly valued destination for ambitious farming and mining companies. On February 11th, 2278, Arachnids most likely entered the planet by blending in with a meteor shower over a large expanse of desert on Dionysus' southernmost continent. In the coming weeks, the Arachnids amassed their numbers deep underground, and first attacked a desert resort on the outskirts of Mesa Verde. Local garrisons were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of Arachnids, as Mesa Verde was lost within 36 hours, resulting in the bloodiest of the battles in which approximately 2 million were killed.

The Arachnids multiplied and spread upwards from the southern hemisphere, and managed to topple any human resistance within two and a half months. Following the fall of Mesa Verde, the majority of the civilian population on Dionysus was evacuated, but not all made it out in time. Cities like Eckard were under attack by Arachnids as some of the last vessels were evacuating people, exacerbating the situation and causing many to be left behind to die in the chaos. Fleet and Mobile Infantry detachments from nearby systems came to the aid of Dionysus, deploying the MI to help on the ground. Despite the MI's persistence, the bugs maintained a stubborn grip on the planet, resisting orbital bombardments and TAC runs. The Sky Marshal approved the decision to withdraw from Dionysus, but not after bombing the majority of the planet's surface, driving most of the bugs deep underground. Recently the Federation has begun efforts to scout out new positions for reinsertion on Dionysus in an effort to re-establish a foothold on the lost planet.

Operation Grenada


- 112th Alpha Company first land on Dionysus, scouts out southern edge of Eckard to gauge Arachnid numbers; Arachnid population underestimated, Alpha forced to withdraw

-112th Alpha Company redeploy to Dionysus, scouting north of Mesa Verde for a bunker to possibly use as an FOB, and to scout a nearby town; bunker found to be structurally compromised and town found to be compromised by Arachnids. 112th Bravo and Charlie Companies deployed east and west of Xiaogan to scout for positions to establish an FOB, find promising results which require further exploration.

Reconnaissance Mission, 3rd of August 2298

The 112th was once again sent to Dionysus on the third of August 2298. With the task of evaluating Arachnid presence and activty on the planet (and determining the effect of the Arachnids on the planet's ecosystem in order to rate the Infestation Index), the 112th was dropped with a platoon-size group in the desert resort of the outskirts of Mesa Verde. First reports revealed that the Mobile Infantry, lead by Master Sergeant Travis Young, got tricked by Arachnids, luring them about and ambushing them on every chance they could take. In the combat engagements to follow, Corporal Simo Hyvönen lost their life.

Wounded Troopers:

  • Private First Class Florens AgterEkee
  • Private First Class Samuel Daley
  • Master Specialist Alice White.

GNT Operator: Major Rachael Collins

Drop Lead: Master Sergeant Travis Young

Assistant Leadership:

Initial drop objectives: Perform reconnaissance and determine whether or not an invasion is feasible.

State of objectives on completion: Partial Completion.

How were the objectives meant to be completed?: No plan was developed before boots hit the ground.

How did the objectives fail or succeed?: The indirect path from the original Landing Zone allowed the squad to determine the arachnid strength on the planet. That being said, they were unable to locate a suitable landing zone, so a larger approach may have been better utilized.

Necessary improvements: Drop lead needs to communicate mission objectives and intelligence. Poor communication lead to unfinished objectives.