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Allegiance United Citizens' Federation
Population Large (1m+)
Mass 1.50 Earths
Radius 1.11 Earths
Atmosphere Non-breathable (oxygen deficient)
Climate Cool

Elixaeberna is an earth-like planet with several societies and cultures. Most infrastructure is located on the central continent of Malmö where Federation Fleet ships are manufactured on massive shipyards in the continent's Jägare Valley. Elixaeberna was the site of a devastating terrorist attack in which anti-Federation insurgents had sabotaged two Fleet cargo ships resulting in 279 dead and over 500 injured.


Elixaeberna is the home of five distinct cultures, living in somewhat isolation from each other in some instances. Some live on the same continent as others, while different ones live far apart.


The most widely known culture is that of the Malmöans, those living and of the culture of the southern region of the central continent of Malmö. The name of the continent is not to be mixed with the name of the capital of Malmö, being a city in the southern province of Möjligheter. Those from Möjligheter are seen as Malmöans, those those from other parts of Malmö are known by more regional names. If one would call someone from Malmö a Malmöan if they were not born in Möjligheter, they oft take it as a great insult. The people from this area tend towards being a noisy boisterous type, especially those living in Malmö, the capital city of the province of Möjligheter as well as the planet as a whole, boasting many holidays unique to the city itself, many from the continent of Malmö and even abroad travelling to attend such celebrations as the annual Shearing of the Ram Festival, the great Circle Kick, and so on.


In the Northwestern region region of Malmö live the Jägare people of Jägare Valley. These are a modest people, and have traditions themselves as do the Malmöans, but theirs are much more private, one tourist stating after a visit to Jägare Valley, "I tried so hard to get to know some of these people and their customs, but they seem to be reluctant, and block outsiders out of their homes and private lives.". Being the only province on the planet with a large industry of ship building, they take much pride in their work, and thus produce some of the finest ships in the Federation as far as precise artisanry goes.


In the Northeast, there is the province of Skånöv. The population here is sparse, and due to the high altitudes and cold climate, not much production occurs in this region. The culture of the people who live here are reclusive, noted ever more so than the Jägares in Jägare Valley. Their culture heavily revolves around traditionalism, and they seem to be very xenophobic towards those who do not look and act just as they do. Not much is known of their culture besides their reclusive and often mysterious nature.

The different cultures of Elixaeberna were created when a league of Scandinavians after receiving authorization from the FSA, set out to colonize a newly found habitable planet: Elixaeberna. They tended to segregate though once they got there, and the planet never worked to peak efficiency due to internal bickering and some terrorism. The main culprits of this terrorism are of Skånöv, the isolated mountainous region of the world who do not accept alien cultures to their lands, and believe they are the rightful rulers of the planet. They do not speak English at all bar very few numbers of translators who are generally viewed in society as the lowest of the low, but instead elect to use their own regional dialect deriving from Norwegian so transformed it is in no way mutually intelligible for Norwegians, or the others of Elixaeberna. Skånöv is a place of ethno-nationalism and right-wing extremism in which any who do not have at least blue eyes or blonde hair are cast out by the people, this practice remaining from an ancient study of the Third Reich and their theories of the Aryan race, a skewed interpretation of this taken by an early leader in the colonization process which lead to this ideology seeping deep into Skånöv culture at its roots. They feel not only superior and the rightful owners of the stars, but also hate all others who share their planet, and have entrenched their thoughts into their society so deeply that SICON had lead several investigations into the terrorism in the ship building sector of the valley below, suspecting the Skånöv, but the investigation bore no fruit and nothing was proven, the cases being dropped at the time of the loss of Terra and subsequent eruption of the Civil War.


To the west of Malmö lies a large island named Uusimaa. The people who live there cannot be described as seclusive, but can seem that way to outsiders. The reason being, Uusimaa people tend to keep to themselves, rarely getting themselves involved in affairs foreign to Uusimaa, but those visiting Uusimaa not native to that land would soon find them to be an incredibly hospitable people. Most in Uusimaa can speak the Federal standard language, but their own tongue is an odd mixture of Terran Finnish, Terran English, Terran Swedish, and some words and systems completely of their own.