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Eric Robert Shepard is a Mobile Infantryman ( born on the 15th of August, 2275 in Vigils Point, Iskander) serving with the 81st Dragoons, 1st Battalion, D.Company, 1st Platoon.

Pre-Enlistment life

Shepard, Eric
Mobile Infantry
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Date of Birth: August 15th, 2275
Origin: Vigils Point, Iskander
Sex: Male
Rank: Private First Class
Current Unit: 81st Edinburgh Dragoons
Status: Alive

Born and Raised on Iskander, Eric Shepard is the son of Randal Shepard, a Landscaper after retiring from the Federal Fleet after his two years of Service and Lucy Shepard, a Retired Sergeant in the Mobile Infantry with four years of service, she is currently a real estate agent. Eric's life growing up was rather simplistic, spending all of his child hood and teenage years in the small Town of Riverdale falls, which is a three hour drive from the Capital. At a young age Eric became the class Clown and Trouble maker, always finding himself in detention as well as getting the usual visit to the Principle's office with his Father and Mother after school. As he grew older and high school was right around the Corner, Eric still maintained his rebellious personality with only two new traits coming along with it.....Girls and the Military, due to his excessive binge watching of War movies Videos after school. As High School life drifted on, Eric became the typical jock/bully. Being in the starting line up of the Schools jump ball team, as a Linebacker , Offensive Lineman  and finding enjoyment in picking on Geeks, Rich kids and sometimes, other Bullies who threatened his Mojo. At the Age of 15, he met local Prankster William Beans at a end of summer vacation party, after challenging the Jokester to a Karaoke battle and losing, Shepard and Beans became best of friends. The duo spending most of the remaining time hunting broads, pulling pranks and chilling out after school.


Once High School was over, instead of working in the Landscaping business alongside his father, Eric joined the Mobile Infantry for one to receive Citizenship but also to fulfill his dream of becoming a Soldier at a young age. William and Eric found themselves transferred to the 82nd Morita rifles after Basic, an Iskander based unit. Throughout  the years, Eric and William were engaged in multiple Operations, including the Fall of Terra, fighting valiantly against the Progenitor Menace in South East Asia, unfortunately to no avail. His Unit we're one of the last to be evacuated from the Lost Planet with a 30 percent casualty rate to the Unit. As the Civil War occurred, the 82nd fell under mutiny, half the battalion swore allegiance to Sanctuary, the other half fled the onslaught to join the Sixth fleet, Shepard and Beans were amongst the latter of Troopers wishing to skip on O'Brien's totalitarian form of Government. The duo eventually found themselves a shuttle to their new Home, the 112th Battalion aboard the Grant as transfer Weapon Specialists. He served along the 112th during the Civil war all the way to the reclamation of Terra to the its eventual disbandment. Eric found himself transferred to another Unit as Reinforcements, the 47th. Shepard remained with the unit for the bulk of a year until its annihilation. Once more, the young Trooper found himself getting transferred to another Unit after three weeks of Liberty given from the Costly campaign he participated in, this one perhaps his last Unit before his End of Active Service....the 81st Dragoons.

Military Career

Enlisted: September 14th, 2993

Rank: Private First Class, E-2

MOS: Squad Automatic Weapons Gunner

Previous Units: 82nd Morita Rifles, Charlie Company [Disbanded] , 112th Mechanized Morita Rifles [Disbanded] , 47th Mechanized Morita Rifles [Annihallated], 81st Dragoons [Current Assignment]


  • Morita Mark 3 Squad Automatic Weapon
  • Morita Mark 2 General Purpose Machine Gun
  • Nuketech Mark 55 Rocket Launcher
  • Ventilator
  • Belcher
  • Flame thrower operator.
  • E- Pulse 44 Designated Marksman Rifle
  • Morita Mark 1 Rifle
  • Morita Mark 4
  • HMG M2 Browning '50
  • GMG 40mm
  • TW-109-E 'Emancipator
  • TW-102-S 'Peacemaker'


  • Mobile Infantry Cross
  • Distinguished Service Commendation x7
  • Purple Heart x2
  • Citizenship Award
  • Veterancy Ribbon
  • Combat Commendation
  • Valorous Unit Medal
  • Civil War Participation Ribbon
  • Lambda Unit Citation
  • Operation Olympus Unit Citation
  • Operation Meggido Unit Citation
  • Operation Lambda Unit Citation
  • Omega Campaign Unit Citation

Injury Record

  • 308. Round through left Heart Chamber
  • Arachnid Talon to right collarbone
  • Grenade Shrapnel towards the Back and legs
  • Concussion from blunt object to the Head from hand to hand combat