FedCom MT-203 Dragon Main Battle Tank

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MT-203 MBT
FedCom MT-203 Main Battle Tank
'Dragon' | Vehicle


Length 9.77m (32ft 1in)
Width 3.83m (12ft 7in)
Height 2.59m (8ft 6in)
Weight 65 tonnes (63.9 long tons; 71.6 short tons)

Crew capacity

Commander Drives the tank and operates the main gun
Auxiliary Gunner Operates the auxiliary machine gun and acts as a spotter


Primary 140mm smoothbore tank gun with autoloader
Secondary Two 12.7mm machine guns. One mounted co-axially, one mounted on top of the turret


Engine FedCom Quad-Core Cold Fusion Engine
Fuel MSI-AM241 nuclear power cells (requires 8 for full operational capacity)
Power output 1800hp (1342kW)

The MT-203 Main Battle Tank, nicknamed the "Dragon", is the successor to the MA-102 "Legionnaire" Main Battle Tank. It is faster, better armed, and more heavily armored than its predecessor, a necessary development after the continued Progenitor incursions despite the Ark's destruction. The MT-203 was the winner of three bids put forward to SICON by leading arms manufacturers FedCom, Brunham Ballistics Inc, and Morita Arms Company. FedCom winning the contract came at no-one's surprise as they have, for the last 40 years, produced the Federation's leading Main Battle Tanks.


  • Fires an AMP (advanced multi-purpose) smart round, capable of adjusting itself prior to firing based on target data received from the visual recognition software that can differentiate between different types of targets. The round can adjust penetration values and explosive yield dependent on target to reduce the chances of over-penetration.
  • The commander is in an armored compartment within the center of the vehicle. 360°-degree sensors interface with the driver's helmet and visor, allowing him a seamless view of the outside world as if he was seeing through the walls of the vehicle itself.
  • The auxiliary gunner's seat is located just behind the commander's compartment in its own armored space within the turret. This space allows the gunner to be able to traverse out of the top hatch on the turret at any time. The auxiliary gunner's station also allows them to view the same information that the commander sees, ensuring two pairs of eyes are able to view the information simultaneously, allowing the auxiliary gunner to effectively spot for the commander.
  • Protected by a set of nano-lattice reinforced, ceramic composite laminated, titanium-[REDACTED] alloy armor plates, designed to withstand sustained assaults from large castes of Arachnids or Progenitor plasma weaponry.
  • Communications suites are fitted onto the MT-203 and features a long-range radio pack capable of transmitting orbital communications.
  • Automated fire extinguishers are located throughout the vehicle, ready to dispense a non-harmful fire retardant in the event of a fire. It also includes four handheld extinguishers for use outside of the vehicle.
  • Crew hatches are automatically locked when the engine is started, though they can be unlocked from the inside if required. Spring-assisted hatches allow for easy exit in the event the vehicle has been disabled.
  • A smokescreen dispenser mounted on the top of the turret, capable of dispersing a 20m smokescreen ahead of the vehicle which lasts around 15-20 seconds.
  • The HAUBERK active protection system is a hard-kill measure system designed to destroy incoming kinetic energy penetrators and tandem-charges. The current maximum speed of the interceptable target is 4,700m/s (13.8 mach). The HAUBERK provides a 360° bubble of protection.
  • An automated loading system on the rear of the vehicle provides a swift method for reloading shells, especially when in the midst of battle. It takes roughly 2 seconds for each shell to be taken from the cradle on the outside of the tank to its own individual water-filled canister.


Driven with a yoke, the commander sits in the center of the tank, beneath the turret. The commander seat is equipped with a helmet that projects an image onto its visor, allowing the wearer to view an uninterrupted, seamless picture from outside of the vehicle, seemingly through the metalwork. There are eight backup screens showing all angles from the sensors around the vehicle, damage, and other statistics. The main focus screens (the three largest screens in front of the commander) show camera angles from the front of the vehicle, main turret, and the back of the vehicle. The second person within the vehicle, known as the auxiliary gunner, sits in the main turret controlling the pintle-mounted machine gun. Their job also doubles as a spotter and, if needed, the engineer.

Armored Complement, 1st Platoon, Delta Company

Vehicles are regularly given nicknames by the engineers that drive and maintain them, but they almost always follow a naming convention. These will always begin with the first letter of the company designation that this vehicle is attached to.

MT-203#1 callsign: Do Me Dirty
MT-203#2 callsign: Drop Dead Gorgeous
MT-203#3 callsign: Dragon-3[Yet to be named]
MT-203#4 callsign: Ditzy Daredevil


All of the vehicles within the armored complement of 1st Platoon, Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 81st Edinburgh Dragoons have been very thoughtfully modified to include water boilers and hot-drink dispensers which are usually kept stocked up with the sludge-like liquid the engineers insist is coffee.