Gideon Perrin

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Perrin, Gideon
Mobile Infantry
Perrin prior to enlisting for the Mobile Infantry


Date of Birth: June 18th, 2278
Origin: Calgary, AB, Terra
Sex: Male
Rank: Recruit
Current Unit: Carson's Cavaliers, 81st Edinburgh Dragoons
Status: Alive

Early Life

Born in the city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, Gideon was raised by Trudie Ashton-Perrin, a Citizen from service in the Mobile Infantry, and Alan Perrin, a Citizen from service in the Fleet. As the second to youngest member out of his four other siblings, Gideon's life was relatively comfortable thanks to his parents' statuses, but still had to face the various familial dramas. Without a hitch, he grew up and was successful in school; not really one to excel in a single area, he allowed his curiosity to create a variety of knowledge versus being an expert of a single subject. If there was any one thing that always held his interest despite his want for knowledge, it was computers and technology. There was something about the exponential growth of technology and the capabilities of it all that drew Gideon in, leading to tinkering with parts in his parents' garage. As Gideon got older and his siblings started to move out of the house, his parents decided to make the move to Iskander for a change of pace and scenery; thus, Gideon was left without his childhood friends and had to start anew.

With a rough transition into high school, Gideon passed his classes with the same marks of most other students, but always imparted more effort on his electives involving computer sciences and information technology. With a slightly above average IQ and a 3.2 GPA, Gideon saw himself becoming a blue-collar worker and starting from the lowest rungs of the private sector. In an effort to pursue this dream, he followed up high school with college - majoring in Information Technology and minoring in Computer Science; however, during his later academic years, Gideon got hooked on drinking and partying. Despite the fun he had, his loss of focus cost him the scholarship he had barely acquired due to his GPA dropping too low. That left him with only a few options, and looking back to his parents with how their lives turned out, Gideon chose to enlist for broadening opportunities. With the scores he got on his finals from high school and his partial completion of a college degree, Gideon decided to enlist into the Mobile Infantry.

Military Career

Branch of Service: Mobile Infantry

Enlisted: September 7th, 2299

Previous Units: 8th Training Regiment, 504th Battalion, Bravo Company [Graduated]



Service Records

  • Began Boot Camp on September 15th, 2299
  • Promoted to Recruit on April 24th, 2300
  • Completed Boot Camp on June 12th, 2300
  • Assigned to Carson's Cavaliers, 81st Edinburgh Dragoons on July 12th, 2300
  • Partook in an operation to clear a Control Bug infestation on the UCF Don Polaco on June 15th, 2300
  • Assisted with denying and eliminating Swarm Veronica on Abel 1 on June 16th, 2300
  • Partook in a bug clearing operation on June 17th, 2300
  • Participated in the operation on Macey to clear anti-air support for future TAC strikes on June 18th, 2300
  • Helped locate and secure the bodies of Drake Squad on Abel 1 on June 19th, 2300
  • Helped secure FOBs Mexico and Cerveza on day one of Operation Perseus Veil on June 28th, 2300

Medical Records