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Allegiance United Citizens' Federation
Population Uninhabited
Mass 0.086 Earths
Radius 0.715 Earths
Atmosphere Non-breathable (other)
Climate Freezing
An uninhabited world in the TRAPPIST-1 system. With no atmosphere, it is a frozen ball roughly the size of the moon.

Gráinne or TRAPPIST-1h is the last planet of the system. An ice planet named after the daughter of the CEO of Chonaire at the time of the first colonization and subsequent governor of Ulm, Lacking an atmosphere large enough to kick start any form of life, it is the closest the system has to the moon in terms of size. Still visible from Ulm however, it far too cold to host a colony and lacks many of the materials that would constitute making one despite the costs, such as rich veins of titanium or rare minerals.



A frozen ball uninhabitable to human life, it is only through that same water that it is traveled to. The largest haulers of the Chonaire company travel to this planet every so often when it is aligned with Ulm, using the shortest of its distances to collect vast amounts of ice to take back for use in its large scale distribution centres to pack and deliver to the rest of the federation.

Points of Interest

Native flora and fauna

Not having enough energy from the star nor having enough geothermal energy to make up for it, Gráinne is a dead world when it comes to the modern eye. The only life forms other than the humans which arrive to take large sections of ice to return to Ulm would be microbes from the deep of the oceans beneath the large ice sheets.