Hishen IV

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Hishen IV

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Allegiance United Citizens' Federation
Population Minor (10k+)
Mass 0.32 Earths
Radius 0.65 Earths
Atmosphere Barely breathable (oxygen poor)
Climate Mild

Astronomy & Physical Aspects

Hishen IV is the commonly used name for Hishen IVa, the largest moon of Hishen IV. It is a desert wasteland, holding significant interior space, ranging from tunnel systems, canyons and cave systems. This has led to many to speculate on how the moon developed this. Many speculate that this is due to ancient volcanic actions, due to the significant amount of Aluminium which can be found in its native metal form on the planet within these caves.



The Trade of the colony revolves chiefly around the collection of what resources are on the planet. Due to the heavy aluminium composition and with the costs of acquiring it reduced due to the endless caverns and the fact significant amounts of the metal do not need to go through the de-oxidation process. However, due to the near complete lack of water, most if not all of it needs importing from other colonies.


The planet has no real businesses of any kind, being dominated by the Mobile Infantry due to the Arachnid forces on the planet, with resource collection going straight to the Federation to supply the battle's effort.


The planet at present has no unique culture as such. The Mobile Infantry and the Workers are from various other colonies and have not meshed these cultures into a unique style as of yet.

Points of Interest

Native flora and fauna

The moon has some flora and fauna brought over with Humanity to help with the colonisation of the planet, however the main fauna as such would be the Arachnids. Holding a sizeable population on the planet, this has caused any human living on the planet to live within large military compounds, made around defence in the event of an Arachnid assault.