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Welcome to the UCFID for the UCF 334 DAVID STIRLING. If you are viewing this page you are a denizen of the DAVID STIRLING. If you are not, please leave this page and visit your nearest Federal Building and inform security services.

The information you view is sensitive in nature. Any information upon these pages should only be spoken about internally within the Federal context. Conversion on anything read on the UCFID with any personnel without clearance to view it themselves will lead to Federal Charges.

As a resident of the DAVID STIRLING you have access to a limited amount of the UCFID, typically this refers to: Ship details, Personnel files for fellow crew, Documentation on equipment and internal procedure and previous events aboard the ship. You also have access to files on certain People, Factions, Locations and on Unit Commendations throughout the United Citizens Federation.

For information on the greater United Citizen Federation. Visit United Citizen Federation.