Isabel Lowe

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Isabel Abigail Lowe, born 23rd June 2280, is a soldier serving with the Mobile Infantry. She is currently assigned to 1st Platoon "Carson's Cavaliers", in Delta Company of the 81st Edinburgh Dragoons. Having previously served with the 101st Armoured Battalion, she was transferred there along with the remaining survivors of her battalion in the aftermath of the Mara incident. She now serves as an M55 operator, as well as Lance Corporal within "Carson's Cavaliers."

Lowe, Isabel
Mobile Infantry
81st Edinburgh Dragoons


Date of Birth: June 23rd, 2280
Origin: Jasper-12, Rho Eridani
Sex: Female
Rank: Lance Corporal
Current Unit: 81st Edinburgh Dragoons
Status: Alive

Early Life

Born on a small farming colony in the Rho Eridani system, Isabel's early life was as uneventful as the farms surrounding her. At the time of her birth, Jasper-12 was home to a population of around 650,000, dwarfed by the size of its sister planet -- Rhohan. Her parents were unremarkable, although their claim to fame was that they were both descended from the original settlers of the planet. Her father was a farmer through and through, and did his best to instill the same kind of farming drive in Isabel... to little success. Her mother was a homemaker and a busy one at that, with seven children. Unfortunately of Isabel, she was a middle child with three sisters and three brothers, and the little attention she received was usually in the form of scolding due to her insatiable curiosity.

Isabel was never one for formal education. Though she had the aptitude and the intellect, she had neither the drive nor the attitude to commit herself to years of schooling, and her parents didn't push her either way. She coasted on average grades throughout middle and high school, focusing her efforts on athletics and chasing boys. She was left with the prospect of either working on the farm or Federal Service. Three months after her graduation, she signed her papers and shipped off for boot camp.

Service Record

Branch of Service: Mobile Infantry

Date of Enlistment: 1SEP98

Tour of Duty End: 1SEP00

Role: M55 Operator

Units Served:

  • 115th Training Battalion - New Austin, Rhohan - SEP98 to OCT98
  • 101st Armoured Battalion - OCT98 to DEC98
  • Leave - JAN98 to MAY00
  • 1st Battalion, 81st Edinburgh Dragoons - MAY00 to present