Jack Varks

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Jack Varks is a Mobile Infantryman (born on the 12th of June, 2282, in -[city]-, Arclight), serving with the 81st Dragoons, 1st Battalion, D.Company, 1st Platoon.

Pre-Enlistment life

Varks, Jack
Mobile Infantry
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Date of Birth: June 12th, 2282
Origin: Arclight
Sex: Male
Rank: Private First Class
Current Unit: 81st Edinburgh Dragoons
Status: KIA - Unrecovered

Jack Varks, born in Arclight, the planet of the worst of the worst where only businessmen and criminals reign and make a living. He was born June 12, 2292, where he was expected to die within a few short weeks of being born due to the care and conditions of a back-alleyway hospital with two expecting parents. Jack Varks's story is much like any resident on Arclight, raised as best as he could by a poor family who could barely manage to scrape by as he survived by doing odd-end jobs for criminal gangs without even realizing what he was doing was morally wrong, but rather as something of survival. Jack was fairly content in his life until a riot broke out on Arclight, killing the both of Jack's parents when they got caught between a brawl between a local gang and police forces sent in to control the situation. Eventually, Jack Varks realized the situation he was in after his parents had died and after figuring out the horrifying truth about the society that was constructed in Arclight, waiting until the day he could join the Mobile Infantry to not only relieve himself of the sins of the past, but to start anew in someplace where he could serve the Federation and maybe start a new life.


Jack Varks enlisted April 6th, 2298.

When he first joined, he had no friends, preferring to stay away from others in fear of joining yet another gang... And it stayed that way for a while, his social calling seemed to be hindered by his shyness and partially due to his past experiences. In due time, hopefully he'll warm up to whoever he fights with, and for a noble cause.

Deployment History

-[Data Corrupted]-

Military Career

Enlisted: April 6th, 2298

Rank: Private First Class

Previous Units: 47th Mechanised Morita Rifles [Annihilated], 81st Dragoons [Current Assignment]


  • Morita Mark 3
  • TW-102-S 'Peacemaker'
  • Flamethrower Operator


  • Combat Action Medal
  • countless Purple Heart Ribbons
  • Silver Star
  • four Bronze stars

Cause of Death:

Deployed to Apophis, PFC Varks gave his life for his fellow troopers. Varks' scorched bones lay somewhere out in the sand, guarding a blown thermite charge, surrounded by the ashen remains of arachnids, frozen in place and incinerated by the blast he ensured would happen.