James Rennes

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James Rennes is a Mobile Infantryman (born on the 5th of February, 2273, in Scarborough, Terra), serving with the 81st Dragoons, 1st Battalion, D.Company, 1st Platoon. His current role is medical.

Pre-Enlistment life

Rennes, James
Mobile Infantry


Date of Birth: February 5th, 2273
Origin: Scarborough, Terra
Sex: Male
Rank: Medical Specialist Grade 3
Current Unit: 81st Edinburgh Dragoons
Status: Alive

James grew up in the slums adjacent to the shipyards on Terra, specifically in the north-west European region [Former united kingdom]; He falls into the category of 'slumrat', growing up either fighting over scraps, scavenging in the dumping grounds. A somewhat related uncle owned a bar that many shipyard workers would drink at, resulting in him eventually helping out there, either collecting glasses and empty bottles, or cleaning up at the end of close, be it spilled drinks or spilled blood.

When a ship captain (of the civilian freighter the Tianki, which was docked for re-haul), was badly wounded in a bar fight. It was James and his uncle who patched him up. As thanks he granted a coveted apprenticeship to the young James, promising that once he was old enough, he'd have a ticket out of the slums and into some modicum of life.

Upon reaching maturity, James was taken on as a general-hands apprentice on board the Tianki, where he learned many harsh truths about life on ships. Far from the luxury (and stable gravity) of the Federation warships, the Tianki was old, third hand, had intermittent gravity generators, and barely enough room to subsist. As with many cargo freighters it's main bulk was it's 'spine' and engines, the spine being used to attach cargo containers. With only a quarter of its actual mass, being ship sections with an interior space.

During his adulthood on ship, James visited only a few colonies, as it was often too expensive for the freighter to stop anywhere for longer than a refuel and cargo exchange before setting off again. However during transit he had plenty of downtime to study and earn his vocational qualifications, catching his education up to the level of the more privileged kids in the federation. Whilst this brought his education level up, he was lacking the high school cultural-isms that many others in the MI already had. Such as knowing what jump ball was (or other sports for that matter), as well as having the skills and confidence to talk to girls in certain ways.

During the Terran occupation/massacres conducted by the Progenitor race. The Tianki was a vital cog in a large logistical machine. The amount of troops and ships required to break the deadlock over Terra was vast, as was the amount of supplies required. With barely a moment's rest the Tianki was involved in hauling large amounts of war material and various supplies from colonies to the staging grounds in the Solar system, resupplying engaged forces and preparing stockpiles for the buildup of the 'big push' to remove the progenitors. However such a large logistical operation would have its setbacks and hangups. On one such supply run to the asteroid station 'Ceres' (Located in the Sol system, it is one of the 4 largest asteroids in the belt between Mars and Jupiter.) they hit one of these setbacks and had two days to wait before their ship could be refuelled prior to moving on. During this time the entire crew went out to drink at a local bar, as it was always happy hour somewhere. Having ordered the happy hour special, which at the bar they were in, was a large pina colada cocktail, with fancy paper umbrella, James was having a good time, as were the crew. So good, that they took the party back to their ship when the bar closed. At this point James had kept the umbrella from his first drink, and it was now tucked into a beer bottle, back on ship. Sadly, disaster struck, as the crew were enjoying the last few drinks before they would wind down and head to quarters to sleep off their alcohol, a damaged frigate was being towed into dock at Ceres. The tug pulling it was over stressing its engines, due to the size difference of the two ships, and the tow cable itself then snapped. This tug, no longer restrained by the frigate it was pulling, fired off towards the other docked vessels, with its engines overclocked it was unable to slow down in time, by all reports the pilot had knocked himself out with the G force. With an almighty bang that echoed through the Tianki, the tug hit the 'spine'. Now this wouldn't normally be of concern, some light spinning of the ship, maybe, a drink or two spilled. But the Tianki gravity generator had once again just failed. So when the tug struck the spine of the Tianki, it caused it to spin. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn't create centrifugal gravity, instead it launched the crew from wherever they floated, into tables, cupboards and bulkheads, as well as whatever they were drinking. There was no end to the amount of broken glass scattered at high speeds around that kitchen/mess, and amongst it all. A paper umbrella, with cocktail stick core.

Needless to say further, but this earned James the nickname 'happy hour' for the rest of his time at Ceres station, as well as his scar and loss of muscle function in his face. He wasn't the only sufferer of wounds however. The captain was killed by a flying whiskey bottle to the throat, crushing his windpipe, and one other crewman bled out when his jugular was slit by shards of glass. Other crew suffered various cuts, bruises and breaks but nevertheless survived. Alas, even the Tianki was lost. The tug impact to the spine caused it to not only break in the centre, but for the rest of the long metal alloy construct to buckle. Even if the captain had been alive, the repair costs would've been higher than the insurance payout. As far as records show, his daughter received a very large payout, from the tug operator's company, the tow cable manufacturers, and the life insurance package on the captain (as well as the money he had accrued thus far in savings), more than enough to fix the Tianki or buy and operate a new one. But she was more interested in becoming a colonist on some far fledged farm world, leaving the crew stranded on Ceres, looking for work.


Unable to find work on any other vessels, or anywhere on Ceres, which as time wore on, was becoming inundated with refugees. James had no choice but to sign up with the Mobile Infantry. Falling for the propaganda that he'd be able to retire rich enough to get his own cargo hauler at the end of it, he went to the first training fort on Terra to open after the liberation, then went off to fight for his citizenship, and with any luck, his future.

During his time serving in Moore's Martyrs, James Rennes made a number of friendships and acquintances. As time wore on many of these faces he had grown to appreciate seeing on a dropship, faded away into memory. As troopers died or retired he was left as a senior trooper amongst newer faces, resulting in his eventual promotion to Corporal. Alas this did not last. At some point he irked a senior NCO who sought out his downfall at every turn, constantly referring to him as retard and doing everything in her power to keep him ground into the dirt.

James Rennes suffered a multitude of wounds in his service in the 47th, including but not limited gunshot wounds, plasma burns, puncture wounds, lacerations and even a mandible bite from a tiger (That last one was even during his first drop), but what kept him going were the reassuring voices of the chain of command, and the desire to not disappoint or let down those around him.

With the annihilation of most of the 47th, which occured, he has been reassigned to the 81st Dragoons, following a period of medical leave and rehabilitation. Out of his depth in his new unit he has begun a career in medical, having noticed an entire lack of medical personnel on his first drop with the new unit. Reassuringly, he knows a few people already in the 81st, as they too were reassigned. The likes of Varks and Goose will be a reassuring presence in the uncertain future that awaits.

Deployment History

47th Mechanised Morita Rifles:

  • Assigned to the 47th Mechanised Morita Rifles, Alpha Company, First Platoon (Moore's Martyrs)
  • Roku San [Mechanised deployment vs Arachnid forces]
  • Zegema Beach [Unit R&R earned through operational deployment]
  • 47th Reassigned to UCF-349-BC "Austin Brown", Grant class Battlecruiser.
  • REDACTED [Operation details redacted]
  • Halycon 4 [Beachhead deployment vs entrenched separatist forces]
  • Istvan III, city of Janasville [Protect civilian evacuation vs Arachnid forces]
  • Ranztek V [Mechanised deployment vs Arachnid forces]
  • Boarding action against unnamed Separatist warship
  • Krasnatov [Operation details classified]
  • LV-4-4 [Secure civilian labatory, remaining details classified]
  • REDACTED [Bug hive clearance vs Arachnid forces]
  • Samson, city of New Poseidon [Deployed on foot vs Arachnid hive]
  • REDACTED [Jungle warfare vs Arachnid forces]
  • Cassanova [Operation details classified]
  • Classified operation [Single noted detail - Awarding of POW ribbons to entire dropteam]
  • REDACTED [Federal Armoury secured vs Arachnid forces]
  • REDACTED [Operation details redacted]
  • Perceon [Operation details redacted]
  • VX-22 [Securing planetside airfield vs Arachnid forces]
  • Corrupted File [Sandstorm deployment on foot vs Arachnid forces]
  • -[Remaining deployment history has been corrupted]-

81st Dragoons

  • Abel-1 [Search and rescue mission vs Arachnid forces]
  • -[Data entries absent, suspected clerical error]-

Military Career

Enlisted: January 1st, 2300

Rank: Medical Specialist Grade 5

Previous Units: 47th Mechanised Morita Rifles [Annihilated], 81st Dragoons [Current Assignment]


  • Morita Mark 3
  • Morita Mark 4


  • Combat Action Medal
  • Purple Heart Ribbon [One Silver star, four Bronze stars]
  • Citation for Meritorious Service
  • Good Conduct Medal x2
  • Prisoner of War Ribbon
  • 'Mid-Rim Offensive' Campaign Ribbon ['Let Freedom Ring']
  • 'Operation: Burning Horizon' Campaign Ribbon
  • Humanitarian Services Commendation. [Awarded 27-07-2300, For excellence in calming and controlling frightened and nervous VIPs, allowing for intel to be passed out.]