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Allegiance Unaffiliated
Population Large (1m+)
Mass 3.85 Earths
Radius 1.6 Earths
Atmosphere Breathable (oxygen rich)
Climate Freezing
A fringe-planet that lays nestled right between the crux of the SQZ and AQZ, Kredia is anything but a vacation planet. With most of the planet covered in frozen mountains, most of the population resides in the relatively less-cold center of the planet. Once a successful mining colony, Kredia's fall from grace had led it to not only become looked down upon by the rest of the Federation, but as well led to the eventual Kredian Civil War.

Kredia was once considered the prime of all mining planets. With a dense core, and massive deposits of platinum, titanium, and iron, Kredia was brought to a Golden Age in the early 2250's. The people on Kredia have been known for three things. Stubborness, Pride, and Devotion to a cause. With war always being upon them, Kredians have come to know war and battle better than most colonists. When one has to fight for their life on a daily basis, war comes more naturally to some than others.

Key Information

Key Locations

Valrinth - Once the pride of Kredia, Valrinth now is nothing more than a warzone, a collapsing super-city littered with the rubble of past achievements. Once home to multiple high-profile corporations such as Zalgot Mining Industries, Silstar Initiatives, and Kredissk Arms Manufacturing, Valrinth is just now making the climb back to it's former glory with the revival of the KAM and SSI facilities on planet. Located in Region I - Ardenn.

Corrvika - Considered the ‘bastard child’ of Kredia’s three main cities, Corrvika once housed the largest underground mining facility in the Outer Colonies. Since the fall of ZMI (2295), Corrvika has turned into a ghetto of a town, where factions such as Epsilon Aurora and other pirate groups claimed their rise to fame. Located in Region II - Bellacine.

Aethel - A city once famed for its devotion to the historical arts, Aethel is the last of the three main cities.  Littered with a number of well-known museums focusing on things such as alien life, first colonization by humanity, and specialized Skinnie exhibits in honor of Dr. Rudyk. Most of which, have been looted and sold onto the Black Market. Located in Region I - Ardenn.

Rudyk's Expanse - This expanse encompasses the entire northern-half of the Illiadne region. Named after the archeologist who discovered the buried Skinnie temple near Ottoshk, the region is seldom traveled by anything or anyone save for Federal personnel who are presumed to have research bases in the undisturbed mountain areas near the North Pole. Located in Region IV - Illiadne.

Key People

Pres. Viktoria Retrossyk - A planet-famed Captain of the MI during the Second Bug War, Retrossyk has garnered the respect of a large population of the planet's veterans when she rose to the task of stabilizing the newly-freed, especially after the fall of the previous leader of the Kredian People's Army. Cool, concise, convincing: Retrossyk is considered one of the brightest political minds Kredia has ever produced, capable of turning the masses to her favor by means of words, rather than brutal violence, as her predecessor had. Having been the leader that brought Kredia back under the wing of the Federation, whilst also earning Kredia it's semi-autonomy in multiple governing fields, Retrossyk is overwhelmingly supported by most inhabitants of Kredia due to this 'victory' for the Kredian people.

Gov. Vladmir Moldovan - Residing as the current governor of Kredia, Moldovan is presumed to be captured by the United Kredian Republic (UKR), the functioning Separatist organization on the planet. Multiple videos of Governor Moldovan have emerged of him asking Federal Loyalists on the planet to lay down their arms. Even after this, the Federal Loyalists have not; infact; done as their Governor had asked. Overthrown by the UKR during the turnover into Federal Semi-Autonomy, Ex-Gov. Moldovan has been put up on charges of War Crimes and Fraud by the High Court of Kredia. Highly contested among political debaters for the trial being 'un-just', the Federal Judiciary Branch has not commented, nor intervened at this time.

Dr. Pavel Rudyk - A well-known researcher in the field of study on Skinnies, Dr. Rudyk's discovery of Skinnie in-habitation from a long time ago had landed him his mark on history. He is revered as a scientific genius in the realm of Psychometric Study, and passed away from old-age in 2278.


Kredia itself is split into four distinct regions: Ardenn, Bellacine, Ethera, and Illiadne. Each of the regions has a set of quite unique cultures set upon them.

Region I - Ardenn: This region was the location of the first settlement, Valrinth. The Ardenn region is considered the most hospitable, located on the southern-hemisphere of the planet, flanked by Region II and Region III from left to right respectively. The main culture of the Ardenn region is the vast majority of Ukrainians and Serbians that inhabit the area, with the most prideful of Kredia sourcing from it's capital's region.

Region II - Bellacine: Considered the mechanical powerhouse of Kredia, Bellacine held the Stelevski Mountain Range. This held the single-largest mining operation in the history of Gliese 163, where the Platinum Rush of 2278 had thrust the economy of Kredia from struggled, to striving. Now, Bellacine is home to the Kredian Defense Force's training grounds, graciously shared with the SSI due to a heavy investment by the Security firm. Most individuals who live here, work for the forementioned corporations or Government entity.

Region III - Ethera: A place wrought with folklore and scary stories told to make children behave, Ethera is the smallest of the regions. Once home to 54,000 people, Ethera was put to it's knees at the start of the Kredian Storm Surge of 2295, emptying it's population to 0; officially, at least. After the bombing of a Federal Research facility by a terrorist cell, the consequences of their actions were far worse than what was intended. To this day, it is still not known what happened specifically within the facility, but it is presumed that the micro-terraformer within the facility had a meltdown. This caused a superior worsening of the storm at hand, and wrought havoc upon the facility, and the entire region surrounding it. Now, reports show that small crews of pirates as well as other 'thrill-seekers' inhabit the region, finding old equipment and strange objects once held within the Federal Facility to unnamed buyers. No one is born from Ethera nowadays. Now, people go their to find new lives, find riches, or to die.

Region IV - Illiadne: Dwarfing all of the other regions combined, Illiadne takes up the entire northern-hemisphere of the single-continented Kredia. Considered a 'frontier' by nearly all those on Kredia, Illiande is the least developed industrially. Vast woodlands and mountain ranges sit, most of which have never had been thoroughly mapped out and inhabited. Most individuals living in the Illiadne region hold a far more 'reserved' culture than those of the other regions, where self-sufficiency is paramount, and the 'way of life' is something to be kept undisturbed. Rumors speak of facilities hidden deep within the North, both of Federal and Independent alignment.


The history of Kredia began with the settlement of the first colony Valrinth, now the planet's capital. This occurred in the year of 2249, and was financed by multiple mining companies. For roughly fourty-two years, Kredia turned out incredible profits due to the large deposits of Iron and Platinum found on the planet. Also, over time, archaeologists discovered hundreds of thousands of rather ancient Skinnie settlements, dating far before the Federation's own arrival on the planet. Temples, settlements, and burial grounds were discovered, most of them below ground. This led to the building of many research facilities planet-side in order to better understand the history of the Skinnie Hegemony.

Beginning in the later part of 2295, the weather on the planet began shifting for the worse, and storms began to become common place. Over time, these storms became more and more violent, forcing most of the population that were unwilling, or unable to leave the planet to stay underground. Exports of materials halted, and thus began a new era for the planet. No longer did the Federation have a hold over Kredia, but now it seemed to be run by an organization of smugglers and pirates known as 'Epsilon Aurora'. While not inherently hostile to the Federation, they are assumed to be responsible for the 'theft' of 8.6 billion pounds worth of Federation supplies, and an indeterminable amount of supplies from private companies.

Now, the only places where a Federal presence lay were in the frozen poles. In these desolate areas were placed multiple research facilities. While they're purposes were made classified, they continue to run to this day. With a lack of Federation troopers to look over these facilities, the Federation turned to a number of Security Corporations, most notable being the company SSI, or otherwise known as SilStar Initiatives, to defend these bases.

During the Progenitor Invasion of the Sol System and the colonies of the Federation, Kredia was one of the few that were protected by it's least appealing trait. The large storms that covered the surface of the planet blocked off the chance for Progenitors to even land on the planet, thus protecting its inhabitants at the same time. Few Progenitor ships have been reported to have entered, although they were not capable of landing due to the severity of the storms, thus crashing and becoming buried within the ice and mountains of Kredia. And it was after Operation Dawn, and the following retaking of most Federal colonies that Kredia held a Federal presence once more. Whilst only a small garrison of an ambassador and a platoon of infantry, the notion that the Federation came back brought a good portion of the population to side with the UCF in the future conflicts to come. Epsilon Aurora was no more by this point, having run it's course and the people at the top abandoning Kredia for greener pastures elsewhere.

As of March 4th 2299, after years of dissent against the lack of Federal assistance, and the general mistreatment of multiple sides during the Galactic Civil War, the enactment of Marshal Law by LtCol. Conchioblair had been the spark to ignite the fire. The rise of the the Kredian People's Army came about, and with it began a bloody conflict between the Federation Loyalists and the KPA. Although in this fight, it seemed that the KPA held the advantage in not only numbers, but in supplies. With the world being one large black market; as well as being incredibly far-reach from the borders of 'real' Federal Space, it would be near impossible to track any seller or buyer of arms or armor. The beliefs of the group spread wild like a fire throughout the war torn planet, preaching independence, and self-sufficiency as their goals.

In March of 2299, the KPA had virtually overtaken the planet at hand. With the Federation focused on protecting it's more valuable colonies, paired with the rather poor position of Kredia between the AQZ and the SQZ, there was little resistance to this group. Shortly after this 'victory' of independence, the KPA had dismantled and reorganized itself into a governing body, know as the United Kredian Republic (UKR). From this point forward, the UKR have focused on two things; planetary defense from either of the quarantine zones, as well as rebuilding the planet's economy from the ashes.

As of mid-June of 2300, tedious and lengthy negotiations between President Retrossyk and the Sky Marshal himself had led to a compromise between the independent UKR, and the Federation. In exchange for semi-autonomy on an economic, legislative, executive, and judicial field, the UKR had rejoined the Federation and offered an entire battalion of their combat force as a token of acceptance, as per the Sky Marshal's request. Whilst some Kredians feel that their president had sold them out, the majority have come to feverishly back their leader, supporting her overwhelmingly on a political spectrum. This now is known as the Federate Republic of Kredia (FRK).


The majority of the population is made up of Eastern European descendants. The languages of Romanian, Serbian, and other Eastern and Northern European ones all seem to have fostered the language plainly referred to as 'Kredian'. A small minority of middle eastern-descendants reside in the southern sectors of the planet, closer to the capital of Valrinth than any other city.

In the Northern regions of the planet, the religion of 'Tauikism' is the predominant belief. From brief studies, it appears to be similar to Russian Orthodox, as well as holding elements of Paganism. It seems to be based off of the rather anomalous nature of the planet, as well as old folklore from Terra itself. In the southern regions, there seems to be no real religious presence, with most individuals reporting to be Atheist.

Pirates make up a large chunk of the occupants on the planet, with most of the ‘home-bases’ being located in underground areas.

Kredians themselves are known for being adaptive, hardy individuals. They value self-worth through merit, and hold a rather nationalistic pride to their own planet; despite the numerous flaws of it. On the other hand, they are described as 'independent, paranoid people', and are prone to question others motives far before trusting them. Regardless of this, one value seemed to hold true among every Kredian. With war always upon them, they learned that every individual should know how to survive, and how to fight. One could consider the people of Kredia to be a 'War-Born' people.


As of current, the Federate Republic of Kreida utilizes refurbished Zalgot Mining quarries as well as the recently rebuilt KAM weapon factory as means of it's primary income. Whilst there are no transcripts of who are their buyers, many speculations have been brought to light regarding this fact. With special economic autonomy, Kredia enjoys far less Federal taxes than the average colony, with most returning to the planetary and local governments at hand.


Crime on Kredia comes in all shapes and sizes. Black Market dealings, murder, theft, vandalism-- Anything that is a crime, most likely happens on Kredia.

In 2298, the 112th Mobile Infantry had uncovered a Human Trafficking ring planet-side. This led into a Federal Investigation into the residing Governor, although this was halted after the Governor had been taken captive by UKR forces.

Now, after the rise of President Retrossyk, it appears a heavy hand is being put down onto local pirate organizations. In true Kredian fashion, it seems the FRK views petty crimes in the same light as the Federation does.

Current Government

The current governing body on Kredia holds a special semi-autonomic position in the grand scheme of the Federation. With relative freedom on a legislative, judicial, and economic front, Kredia runs itself, for lack of a better term.

'A Citizen of Kredia must bear the responsibility of Kredia's future by means of active involvement.' - President Sergei Yegorovich, KPA 2299 To obtain the right to vote, one must be actively employed or have been employed for six years total, or have served a one-year term within the Kredian Armed Forces. It is presumed this was implemented shortly after independence was won, as a means to have a sense of 'familiarity' after the parting of ways with the Federation.

Category 8 Storms

Surpassing any storms ever to be seen on Terra, Kredia's atmosphere produces intensely hostile storm seasons in a periodic fashion. From Federal Scientific estimates, they presume these storms occur every 500-600 years, although there is still much more research that would need to be completed for an accurate answer.

These storms are capable of tearing apart most any city within an hour's time, with the term 'City Flatteners' being used to describe the massive cyclones that pass along the equator of the planet.


As of current, a battalion of Federal Troops are stationed on the ODS. A planetary Orbital Defense System exists on the planet, although whilst semi-prototype in nature, it still functions with favorable results. Only Federally-cleared personnel are permitted to function the ODS, as per the agreements made by President Retrossyk and Sky Marshal Lloyd. Most of these facilities are near either of the poles, thus making them near-impossible to reach on foot, or even by most vehicles.