Laelia Takugawa

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Early Life

Laelia on graduation day.

Laelia Takugawa was born in space, raised on Epsilon Prime to Alastair Takugawa and Alexsis Wolfe of the 112th 'Wittsman's Warriors' unit. Her first two years were uneventful as she grew up, but at age two, her mother died during a deployment. Her father was promoted to Tech Sergeant while stationed, and met Laelia's current stepmother, Ikram. Ikram raised Laelia throughout her younger years, whilst staying on Epsilon Prime.

Laelia grew up very curious, either taking things that weren't hers, or eating things she shouldn't. As curious as she was, her parents never let it go to far, disciplining her if things ever started to go that way. Meanwhile, she kept to her books in class, always reading, always studying. She took a major interest in schooling when she went into University, studying engines and electronics. She had decided in her University years that she was going to major in Engineering studies, but that changed when she was offered a better life. On graduation day, her friends told her that they were joining up with the Mobile Infantry, and that she should, too. She decided to take a shot at it, and her story with the 81st Dragoons began.

Military Career

Laelia begins boot-camp on 08/06/2299.

Laelia graduates bootcamp on 03/04/2300

Laelia is assigned to the 81st Dragoons on 08/06/2300

Laelia joins the engineering division of the Stirling on 09/06/2300

Laelia promoted to Tech Grade 4

11/07/2300 - Laelia promoted to Tech Grade 3

12/07/2300 - Laelia promoted to Lance Corporal.

Medical History

06/07/2300 - Left Arm treated for severe burns following an attack from 4 blasters.

13/07/2300 - Right arm treated for major lacerations.