Lawrence Chandler

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Chandler, Lawrence
Mobile Infantry
Lawrence Chandler aboard the UCF David Sterling, 2300


Date of Birth: June 6th, 2277
Origin: New Madrid, Karrus
Sex: Male
Rank: Master Technician One
Current Unit: 81st Edinburgh Dragoons
Status: Alive

Early Life

Born out of wedlock on June 6th, 2277 to a Joseph Chandler and Camilla Barnes into lower-class home, Chandler's family struggled to make ends meet, as his father Joseph was only sixteen at the time of his sons birth, his mother only fifteen. The two teenage parents pressed on through the years, Joseph eventually finding work on the mines of Karrus, Camilla working a job in New Madrid as a receptionist. Both did their best to give their son what they could. Lawrence was taught a a young age to be thankful for what he had, and to get something, you needed to cut the shit and get to work. Entering sixth grade, his parents divorced, Joseph effectively ditching his son as he began his middle school career. Lawrence had started boxing and weight lifting, as well as getting his foot in the door with Jumpball, sports keeping him occupied and out the house as his mother worked long hours to feed the two of them. When High-school rolled around, Lawrence was a well-known athlete, living up to the name of his father who went to the school before and was also a well known athlete. Lawrence cruised through high-school, paying little to no attention in class, favoring horse-play and hanging with friends as opposed to studying or paying attention. By senior year, he had won two Region Jumpball Championships, a Wrestling Region title, and one Amateur Boxing tournament.

Military Career

Branch of Service: Mobile Infantry

Enlisted: December 12th, 2295

Previous Units: 88th Rifles Battalion, Bravo Company [Active]

112th 'Deathmakers' - 'Bandits' Morita Rifles [Disbanded]

47th 'Archers' - 'Martyrs' Morita Rifles [Annihallated - Hesperus 2299]

81st Edinburgh Dragoons [Current Assignment]

Awards and Commendations:

  • Citizenship Ribbon
  • Veteran Ribbon
  • Operation Olympus Unit Citation
  • Operation Dawn Unit Citation
  • Operation Razzle Dazzle Unit Citation
  • Meritorious Service Commendation
  • Marksmanship Silver Commendation
  • Distinguished Service Commendation
  • Engineering Service Award
  • 2x Platoon Boxing Champion


  • Sapper course
  • Munitions course
  • Systems course
  • Weapons Technician course
  • MEC Course
  • TW-201 Morita Mark 1 - Carbine
  • TW-201 Morita Mark 1 - Grenade Launcher
  • TW-201 Morita Mark 1 - SAW
  • M55 'Longbow' Rocket Launcher
  • Brunham TW-102-S 'Peacemaker' Pistol
  • Single Tube Grenade Launcher
  • SW-226-F ‘Hel’ Pioneer Flamer
  • TW-99-S ‘Belcher’ shotgun
  • Morita Mark 3
  • Morita Mark 4
  • Long Range Radio