Percival's Landing

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Percival's Landing

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Allegiance United Citizens' Federation
Population Minor (10k+)
Mass 3.5
Radius 1.5
Atmosphere Breathable (oxygen rich)
Climate Varied
A frontier colony, Percival's Landing was an important mining and farming asset for the Federation before it fell to the Arachnids. The Federation made attempts to reclaim the colony from the Arachnids during the Green Valley Campaign in 2297, but these efforts failed in the face of overwhelming resistance from the entrenched bugs.


Percival’s Landing was first settled upon by a group of Federation dissidents who wanted to escape it’s bureaucratic strong arm. Originally the first group that settled was lead by a man named Percival Scallop, a farmer from Hod, who lead just fifty people to the unsettled colony. Though the atmosphere was livable it required a minor effort of terraforming to ensure the population would not suffer the consequences of the unstable atmosphere. After several years Percival’s Landing developed a top soil that was extremely fertile, as such it attracted more farmers and the population began to boom. A group of farmers discovered a mass of minerals and the Federation quickly began to garrison and develop the colony to begin mining efforts.


The culture of Percival’s Landing is a melting pot of dozens of other cultures from other colonies as many of the colonists came to Percival’s Landing to take the fertile land around the city of Bellendham. Before the heavier build-up of Federal interest, crime on the colony was high but with the arrival of a Mobile Infantry garrison crime has seen a steady decrease. Although most crime were land disputes that turned violent, there was a large criminal organization in Bellendham that reportedly dealt heavily in racketeering.


The economy of Belledham is mostly centered around agriculture though with the newfound stores of minerals mining has become a second runner in the economics of the colony.

Points of Interest

Percival’s Landing boasts large mountain ranges in it’s northern hemisphere, famous for many adventurous hikers who seek the thrill of free climbing or just knowing an avalanche come spur at a moments notice.