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Allegiance United Citizens' Federation
Population Minor (10k+)
Mass 0.21 Earths
Radius 1.04 Earths
Atmosphere Breathable (oxygen rich)
Climate Varied

The first planet to be colonized in the 36 Ophiuchi System in 2214, Pizarro's first settlement was Pulo ng Leyte, founded by Filipino mining magnate Rodrigo Santos. Initially renowned for its high deposits of titanium, chromium, and natural gasses, additional settlements began to sprout up after a dramatic atmospheric shift in the 30's, resulting in several massive glaciers receding and revealing massive swaths of fertile land. Terrestrial crops fared excellently on the planet, creating an incentive for many farmers being pushed out of increasingly industrialized colonies nearby whose environments had become less than favorable for cultivation. As time progressed, Pizarro's population peaked at around 40,000 by the beginning of the Second Arachnid War. Several civic centers dot Pizarro's surface, each fostering a population made up of a quilt work of colonial backgrounds. At the outbreak of the Civil War in 2297, The 36 Ophiuchi System was one of the first star systems to be conquered by Sanctuary- both Pizarro and Druilhe maintaining a minor Mobile Infantry presence. After the fall of Sanctuary, Pizarro has begun the process of reintegrating into the Federation. Efforts to rebuild many of the planet's urban areas are expected to cost the Federation approximately 800 million pounds.


Many of the civic centers and the capitol of the planet itself takes up the mantle of the Earthling culture of the Philippines, while other cities around the planet such as Khuzdar, Johnston, and New Cannes offer a cosmopolitan smorgasbord of different cultures. There are large pockets of Strelitzians, Brischians, and refugees from Port Joe Smith that call Pizarro home. The planet has many of its own holidays and festivals that are unique to specific regions on the planet. Most Terran holidays, particularly Filipino holidays, are often celebrated on Pizarro.

Polar Shift

In 2232, Pizarro underwent a polar shift that completely changed much of the planet's climates. Although not nearly as populated at the time, the widespread storms and cataclysmic weather caused millions of pounds worth of damage, and cost nearly two thousand people their lives. Relief efforts were quickly organized as the apocalyptic scale of the storms made their point; most structures in Pulo ng Leyte had to be rebuilt from scratch as a result of the damage. However, when the climates settled, new lands were birthed forth as a result of millenia-old glaciers receding and melting as a result of the shift. Called a blessing in disguise, the Polar Shift as it's simply referred to is generally viewed as a blessing in disguise, as the new arable lands helped bring prosperity to Pizarro further down the road.