Prophet's Retreat

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Prophet's Retreat

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Allegiance The Arachnid Empire
Population Uninhabited
Mass 1.34 Earths
Radius 1.16 Earths
Atmosphere Breathable (oxygen rich)
Climate Mild
A world that could be classed as an Arachnid Fortress world, its two moons are heavily colonised by Arachnids, forming a first line of defence against a would-be invasion.

The only planet of the system, its location on the border of the AQZ resulted in an Early attempt by a persecuted cult from a subsection of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria. Believing that Jesus had been reborn, they fled to the planet which would be known as Prophet’s Retreat. After the near immediate destruction of the colony, it was appropriately classed as an Arachnid world and in full control by the species.

For the planet itself, it has large reserves of water, with some 66% of the surface liquid, and a further 3% of it being ice. This means that while it has less than 21st century Earth, it is not by any stretch of the imagination a desert planet.

Its mass, radius and land surface area are all above Earth. Holding 1.34x its mass, 1.16x its radius, and land area at 1.61x Earth. However, it is less dense at a mere 4.74g/cm3 or 0.86x.

Despite this, the gravity is near exactly the same as Earth at 9.75 m/s2, the difference being negligible to the average Earthborn Human. Its composition has over a third of the planet being iron and just short of a quarter of the planet being silicon. This and its location as a seemingly easy planet to take in terms of location were the result of the first and as of 03.03.2296 the only invasion to occur.

The planet’s rotation comes out at once every 30.67 hours, and with an atmosphere breathable (though ever so slightly below Earth’s Oxygen levels, it still constitutes enough to not need breathing apparatus). The Climate is standard, and the only life on the planet other than Arachnids exist as microbial and fungi lifeforms. Additionally, the planet has a natural planetary ring, destroyed moons orbiting around the planet.