Rocinante Colony

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Rocinante Colony

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Allegiance United Citizens' Federation
Population Established (100k+)
Mass 1.17 Earths
Radius 1.04 Earths
Atmosphere Breathable (oxygen rich)
Climate Hot

Astronomy & Physical Aspects

Rocinante, much like its Sister colony of Quijote, is a moon of a Gas Giant whose name it has acquired. The moon is significantly larger than the colony Quijote, and its formal name would be Mu Arae IId as the fourth moon of the gas Giant.

The planet suffers from being too close to the sun, and is too hot for liquid water to have formed on the planet's surface. As such, what little reserves of water on the planet comes from groundwater, often dirty and in need of purifying. A danger within the deeper holes and enclosed areas however, is the fact there is a significant amount of Sulfur dioxide. As such, there are often artificial wind generators within cities so that air does not stagnate and kill the colonists, though within the deep mines it is often required for masks to be taken in case of pockets of the deadly gas.



Trade for the colony is very much integrated with Quijote. Lacking the Space ports, it is mining and refineries which dominate this moon. While a large majority of the planet isn't owned by the Federation due to the Arachnid presence, the main cities are fortified and allow for industry to be managed. The main port is in Naginao, the capital of the moon. This transfers raw gas to the planet from Quijote, and the transfer of refined resources back to Quijote. The transports ferrying goods are near constant, having a dedicated wing to the star-port purely for those transports.


The GHK Company has a dominance on this planet as well as Quijote. This is chiefly through a subsection of its Refinery division and mining divisions. Though, they employ local members of the planet, due to their knowledge of the prevalent threats on the planet.



While they do not live in the cold like their fellow Mu Arae cousins do, they are no stranger to having to live in sheltered positions. Due to the heavy Arachnid presence, any city officially authorised has its own radio centre at the very least, so that a centralised contingent of Mobile Infantry can act as a reaction force, due to the inability to clean the planet of Arachnids without additional resources.

Points of Interest

Native flora and fauna

There's no real animal life on the planet beyond that which the colonists brought with them. As such, palm trees and other desert based life lives near exclusively within the city or immediately outside, due to the need for irrigation and needs to water the plants so that they can continue to produce oxygen.