Rules for decorating and furnishing private quarters

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Commander Gray's quarters. Notice that despite being the most senior officer on ship, it is still austere and befitting a military person. Your quarters shouldn't be significantly more elaborate than this.

If you have been assigned any of the private quarters (i.e. the small rooms on the second floor of the habitation deck), you and your room mates have the opportunity to decorate and furnish those quarters in your own style - however, there are certain rules and regulations that need to be met.

  1. This is a military ship; not a luxury cruise liner. Your furnishings should be austere and practical. In the past we have had people furnishing their private quarters with things like king-sized beds, private bars, saunas and even water features: this is not acceptable.
  2. Typically speaking, within Fleet, commanders quarter one to a room, lieutenants (senior grade) two to a room, and Lieutenants Junior Grade and Ensigns berth four to a room.
  3. Other divisions can, with the agreement of the Fleet commanding officer, have other arrangements.
  4. The Fleet commanding officer is the ultimately authority on quartering arrangements.

Name plates

White on gold nameplates should be Roboto. The name should be white (255, 255, 255, 255) size 12. The rank should be grey (218, 218, 218, 255) size 10.
Black on grey nameplates should be Roboto. The name should be a very dark grey (72, 72, 72, 255) size 12. The rank should be a lighter grey (109, 109, 109, 255) size 10.