SOP: Anti-Arachnid Mine Laying

From Federal Database
A typical mine layout
An extended mine layout

Laying an anti-arachnid minefield is very easy. Following the images provided, an engineer can quickly set an efficient and highly effective minefield following only a few rules.

  • Follow the triangular pattern. Lay two mines in a straight line, then lay the third offset between them.
  • A roughly seven-meter distance between each mine covers the most ground while maintaining destructive capabilities and simultaneously eliminating the chance of a single Arachnid setting off multiple mines.
  • The extended mine layout shows a three-line deep setting. This minimizes the chances of Arachnids making it through the line but also increases the requirement of mines.
  • A shorter distance between mines (though no less than four meters) will increase the density of the field and is more suitable to tighter areas. This means that Arachnids will be more likely to trigger mines when being funneled or directed into smaller paths.

How to:

  1. Place the mine on the floor. Do not bury the mine. Arachnids are not smart enough to recognize the mines are dangerous, and they work via sensing unique Arachnid bio-signatures.
  2. Push the button on top of the mine to arm the mine. It will beep to confirm it is armed.
  3. To disarm the mine, push the button on top of the mine again. It will beep to confirm it is disarmed.
  4. You may now pick the mine up again.

Out of character section

This section is out of character (OOC). This means it's here for your out of character information only, and your in-game character would not be aware of this unless they find out through other, in-character (IC) means.

OOC How to:

  1. Go into your inventory and right-click the mine.
  2. Click place.
  3. A ghost of the mine will appear when you aim at a surface. Click the left mouse button to place it.
  4. Push your use button (default E) to arm the mine.
  5. Alt+E will disarm the mine and allow you to pick it up too.