SOP: DOTON (Detonator Operated Tactical Oxygen Nuke)

From Federal Database
A standard-issue remote detonator (nicknamed the Clacker)

Deployment of the DOTON (Detonator Operated Tactical Oxygen Nuke) is made deliberately simple to ensure an engineer can very quickly deploy and activate these powerful devices.

DOTON Features

  • 5x yield of standard tactical oxygen nuke warhead fired by M55.
  • Remotely operated detonation (remote detonator/clacker) - WILL ALWAYS BE ACTIVATED AS DEFAULT
  • Distance triggered detonation (ability to perform automatic detonation when detonator exits standard 1km range)
  • Timed detonation
  • Any combination of the above
  • Recommended safe distance = 500m (1640ft)
  • Minimum safe distance = 200m (656ft)

Clacker Features

  • 12km (7.45 mi) range
  • 20 device program limit - sync to 20 explosive devices at a time with 20 separate channels. Channels can be rapidly selected with the dials on top of the device.
  • Bump-to-Sync mode - selecting a free slot in the Clacker and touching it to an explosive device in 'pairing' mode connects the two devices in seconds. Also able to bump two Clackers together to sync devices between detonators, allowing multiple detonators to be used for the same device if required.
  • Time-out feature - the interface will automatically shut off after five seconds of inactivity, also deactivating the lever to ensure accidental detonation doesn't occur. The interface can be reactivated by pressing the recessed button on the face of the device. Detonation can also be achieved by rapidly pulling the lever three times within one second.
  • Also usable on HMX packs and other remotely operated explosives with the correct interface.

DOTON operation

  1. Place the DOTON in the desired position
  2. Activate 'pairing' mode on DOTON by opening case and pushing blue button labeled 'pair'
  3. Use supplied single-use detonator within the DOTON case or sync to your own issued Clacker
  4. If the single-use detonator is used, detonation modes must be set before leaving the DOTON. Select any combination of remote, distance triggered, or timed detonations. If timed detonation is selected, time must be inputted before arming. These methods cannot be changed remotely while using a single-use detonator.
  5. If the Clacker is used, all operations can be performed remotely. Use the buttons and dials on the Clacker to select which mode or combination of modes are activated. These can be changed or adjusted at any time via the Clacker, even while set.
  6. Once all modes are set, the DOTON can be armed. This must be done via the internal switch inside the case while using the single-use detonator, or can be done remotely via the Clacker.
  7. Once armed, the device can be detonated using the single-use detonator or the Clacker or left to detonate when the timer runs down or distance is achieved.
  8. It should be noted that the device cannot be remotely disarmed via the single-use detonator, only with the Clacker.