SOP: HCSI (Handheld Computer Software Interface)

From Federal Database
A Handheld Computer Software Interface (nicknamed The Brick)

Similar to the majority of the tools developed for use by Mobile Infantry Engineers, the HCSI is intentionally designed to be simple to use.

HCSI Features

  • Full system cloning
  • Brute-forcing
  • Full system wipe
  • Mass-distribution of malicious software
  • Data recovery
  • Signal jamming
  • Universal cable
  • Virtual intelligence wizard that assists you through processes

HCSI operation

  1. Connect to the system via cable or wireless if no hard connection is visible. A wireless connection may not be possible.
  2. Wait for the HCSI to connect and prompt you for which option to choose.
  3. Choose the desired function from the above features list.
  4. Answer any prompts the VI wizard gives you while performing the function. (quiet vs fast for brute force attacks etc)