Samantha Renata

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Samantha Renata is a Mobile Infantryman Marksmen (born on the 15th of December, 2279 in Madrid, Terra) serving with the 81st Dragoons, 1st Battalion, D.Company, 1st Platoon.

Pre-Enlistment life

Samantha was known through highschool as just an average student, growing up on her families estate on the outskirts of Madrid where she would assist her father and mother in operating the farm in her spare time, her father having earned his Citizenship in the opening years of the Second Arachnid War, allowed her to gain access to a pleathera of educational material growing up to the point she'd go on to study science and sports which Renata found to be her calling, achieving the quarterback position on her highschools Jumpball team and playing at the planetary level.

Renata, Samantha
Mobile Infantry


Date of Birth: December 15th, 2279
Origin: Madrid, Terra
Sex: Female
Rank: Private
Current Unit: 81st Edinburgh Dragoons
Status: Alive


Renata enlisted into the Federal service in 2297, enlisting on Terra and soon being transfered to the Ares Academy on Mars, her basic training came back with a resounding amount of green flags and she took her oath with pride and confidence upon her completion of training. Renata would be in the graduating class of '97 and exitted her Academy with a destinction in marksmenship.

Military Career

Enlisted: August 13th, 2997

Rank: Private, E-1

Medal Records:

"For competence as a marksman, eliminating priority targets during the defence of the fuelling station on the approach to Point Zulu on Abel 1, the Meritorious Service Award." - Lt F. Carson, 20/06/2300

"For instinctively engaging several cliffmites before any other trooper had noticed them, successfully neutralising them, and going on to help spot and eliminate distant threats to her squad, the Meritorious Service Award." - Lt F. Carson, 20/06/2300

Service Records:

  • Began Boot Camp on January 1st, 2297
  • Promoted to Recruit on August 23rd, 2297
  • Assigned to 66th 'Skyhawks' Battalion on August 25th, 2297
  • Deployed to Terra Nuae, in Operation Omega, September 1st, 2297
  • Promoted to Private, September 3rd, 2297
  • Deployed to Terra, during Operation Meggido, January 1st, 2298
  • Partook in the Civil War, enlisted into the Federal Unionists, January 22nd, 2298
  • Rescued by the Ulysses S. Grant, May 15th, 2298
  • Enlistment into the 112th 'Deathmakers' Morita Battalion, May 17th, 2298
  • Transfered to the 47th Morita 'Archers' Battalion, March 13th, 2299
  • Transfered to the 81st Edinburgh Dragoons, June 1st, 2300
  • Deployed to Abel 1, as part of Operation Dazzle, June 10, 2300
  • Promoted to Private, June 13th, 2300
  • Awarded the Meritorious Service Award for Operation Dazzle Service, June 20, 2300

Previous Units:

  • 66th 'Skyhawks' Air-Calvary [Destroyed - Terra 2298]
  • 3rd Air Assault Unionist Rifle's [Destroyed - Civil War 2298]
  • 112th 'Deathmakers' - 'Bandits' Morita Rifles [Disbanded]
  • 47th 'Archers' - 'Martyrs' Morita Rifles [Annihallated - Hesperus 2299]
  • 81st Edinburgh Dragoons [Current Assignment]



  • Purple Heart
  • Citizenship Award
  • Veterancy Ribbon
  • Meritorious Service Award x 2
  • Combat Commendation
  • Civil War Participation Ribbon
  • Lambda Unit Citation
  • Operation Olympus Unit Citation
  • Operation Meggido Unit Citation
  • Operation Lambda Unit Citation
  • Omega Campaign Unit Citation

Medical Records

  • Minor Fracture Right Knee - Vehicle Impact