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Allegiance United Citizens' Federation
Population Established (100k+)
Mass 1
Radius 1
Atmosphere Breathable (oxygen rich)
Climate Varied
Samson is an ocean world with a thriving fishing industry. Millions of fisheries of local and imported species dot the planet's waters; they are tended to by a skilled class of fishermen who are widely regarded by the rest of the colony, providing the Federation with 38% of its seafood.


"...The Samsonian exhibits an early apprehension for the workings of the sea, engendered by the cultural reverence that is held for those who have navigate and work its dangerous waters. Like an ancient Mongol nomad's familiarity with the steppe from an early age, so too is the Samsonian rapidly acquainted with the waters surrounding their home in their childhood." —Excerpt from a textbook about Samson published in 2285.

Key Information

Key People

  • Osmund Yerilov - First to circumnavigate Samson by boat.
  • Jerónimo Cicerón - Samson's Federal Councillor.
Magellan, 2295.

Key Locations

  • Zheng He Sea - Samson's largest ocean.
  • Magellan - Samson's capital.
  • New Hampton - Hosts the Interstellar Book and Botanical Committee.
  • Steadman Rainforest - An expansive rainforest that straddles New Hampton.
  • Fort Novosibirsk - Mobile Infantry installation on Samson's moon, Hecate.


Samson's settlement was initially spurred by many struggling Terran fishing magnates that were having difficulties generating enough of a profit trying to scour the increasingly polluted oceans of earth for many species that had been over-fished, or had either become increasingly endangered or gone extinct due to climatic change. Scientific expeditions in the early twenties revealed a cornucopia of marine wildlife in the earth-like oceans covering Samson's surface, providing an alternative market for the struggling fishing magnates, and swaths of ocean in which to rehabilitate transplanted Terran marine life for consumption.

With the planet's capitol Magellan seated on the coast of the sparkling Zheng He Sea, the planet provides the Federation with a majority of interstellar fish exports, and houses large portions of military production centers mainly responsible for manufacturing and producing the M-55 tactical nuclear oxygen warheads used widely throughout the Mobile Infantry along with several other articles of nuclear ordnance.

In addition to a wide array of marine biodiversity, there's equal marvels to behold on the surface of the planet. In possession of a wide array of climates varying from the coldest of wastelands to the hottest of rain forests, the planet is home to thousands of local species that have since been adopted, utilized, and exported across the Federation for their various uses. Special attention is meant to heeded to the scalding rains (120° Celsius at some points) that shower down on some regions of the planet; residents have to outfit their homes with special heat resistant paneling and many routinely wear specialized suits if they are meant to be outside for any extended period of time during the a storm.

The ancestors of the modern Samsonians were flexible and adaptive, incorporating elements of their foreign environment into their lives quite rapidly, most of them being poorer laborers and fishermen working for the massive fishing magnates that were funding Samson's settlement. From the moment humans set foot on Samson, disaster struck. Shortly after setting up the then-town of Magellan (destroyed, rebuilt elsewhere) the settlement was destroyed by a devastating typhoon, killing 800 of the 2,000 initially sent to etch the first foothold for humanity's expansion on the planet. As time progressed and the planet became more populated, sailors ran into problems navigating the treacherous the waters of the planet, which had erratic current patterns that changed as Samson orbited van Maanen's Star. With an array of unique challenges to the colonists of the Terran-sailing tradition, it would cost thousands of lives before they would be mastered in the decades to come.

Due to the colony's history, sailors are generally regarded as esteemed members of society; responsible for bringing prosperity to the colony and taking pride in their role as a supplier to the Federation. There is even a holiday for the first person to circumnavigate Samson's oceans, Osmund Yermilov. It's customary to gather with the family and have a bountiful feast to commemorate Yermilov's journey, and to commemorate the legacy of Samson's sea-faring tradition. Since the 70's, industry has progressed beyond exclusively fishing. Samson also produces plastics, consumer-grade electronics, personal spacecrafts, automobiles, textiles, mineral fuels, organic chemicals, and machinery. As business ventures diversified, there was an economic boom in the early 80's, allowing for much of the planet's sprawling cities to be vastly improved, and made more appealing. One of these cities, New Hampton, hosts the Interstellar Book and Botanical Committee that meets annually on the outskirts of the city near the balmy jungles of the Steadman Rainforest. In 2291, a military base was built on Samson's desolate moon, Hecate.


S. vulgaris, a delicacy on Samson, also referred to as 'Pigfish'

With roots in seafaring, most of the planet's major cities are centered on the sprawling coastlines. The Samsonians, or Samsonites depending on who you ask, are a people hardened by naval tradition and the frontier spirit; taking pride in taming the wild lands of Samson and turning its tumultuous oceans into one of the most productive fishing powerhouses in the galaxy, providing up to 38% of the Federation's seafood and fish.

SICON Evaluation

Fort Novosibirsk on Hecate.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, Samson fell in and out of Coalition hands, but was defended by Sanctuary until the latter months of the war. During the Battle of Saratoga, on the planet's northern hemisphere, a previously undetected attack force of Arachnids ambushed Coalition and Sanctuary regiments engaged in fighting; ravaging both sides and forcing them to retreat. Since the reunifying of the Federation, the Arachnids have posed a significant threat to the MI and Fleet stationed on Samson still licking their wounds from the Civil War. It is suspected that if there are Arachnids present on Samson, then there is also a chance they are on the planet's desolate moon, Hecate.


A plate of cooked Meosha, a species of fish consumed regularly throughout Samson. Its taste is reported to be similar to that of tilapia, with a consistency similar to that of salmon.

Samson sports a sizeable Mobile Infantry presence, roughly 19,000 soldiers are stationed on both Hecate and Samson.