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Allegiance United Citizens' Federation
Population Minor (10k+)
Mass 1
Radius 1
Atmosphere Breathable (oxygen rich)
Climate Varied
Solovei is an Earth-like world with a variety of habitable land ranging from deserts to jungles to tundra. It also possesses faint rings, an unusual feature for a non-giant planet. The rings contain rocks up to a meter in length and a wide dust cloud that stretches nearly 23,000 km from the center of the planet. This impressive celestial phenomenon, however, is dwarfed by the fact that Solovei's largest moon, Litae, is in an unstable orbit and is predicted to impact the planet within the next two centuries. Knowing that any Soloveian venture is living on borrowed time, colonial population and investment has been orders of magnitude less than other garden worlds. As such, all investment in the planet is short-term, and the biggest business is selling off the local biota to the highest bidder.

Solovei is known for its sparsely settled population despite being a garden planet with a colony nearly a century old. Blessed with a mild climate, wildlife no more dangerous than that on Earth, and soil and bacteria amenable to imported plants, Solovei would appear to be an unexploited paradise.

Upon first being colonized, the Planet was named Aite. The name of the planet, its moon, and its planetary capital are from Greek mythology. Following numerous peaceful protests, the planet has been renamed to something more neutral. Colonists hope to avert certain doom to their planet by moving away from Greek gods.

Solovei occupies an interesting niche in the Federation, as its primary export is almost exclusively organically-derived. Many plants and animals needed for pharmaceuticals, alien glands for dyes and manufacturing, animal products, and scientific specimens are procured from the planet's teeming wilderness. With the impact of Litae in mind, many Federal researchers have been focusing their efforts on relocating biological life from Solovei to somewhere else, as well as experimenting with more effective cloning techniques that yield greater results for reproduction. Despite not having a seat on the Federal Council, SICON protects Solovei due to the importance of the planet's goods to the rest of the Federation, particularly its medical ends.

Key Information

Key Locations

Ozamu Desert - Expansive desert that houses a large swath of alien life.

Gao-Wells Jungle - A densely forested region where many animals and plants are sourced for their medicinal and manufacturing potential.

Piper Steppe - Steep highlands which feature some of the grandest views on the planet.

Tyson Falls, Gao-Wells Jungle

August Kilo - An equatorial grassland whose name is of an unknown origin.

Key People

Louis Foster - Prominent conservationist who advocates for the ethical treatment of Solovei's animals.

Karl Mayweather - Notorious poacher. Conducts raids with various ne'er-do-wells to illegally procure animals and plants, killing anyone who stands in their way, even Mobile Infantry.


Solovei - then known as Aite - was scouted by a SICON research party back in 2214. Landing parties were sent the following year, where they established the first settlement of Adrasteia. Adrasteia's history has been largely uneventful; all impasses and confrontations among its population have been resolved peacefully, save for the ever-present threat of poaching that started plaguing Solovei shortly after the discovery of the health and anti-aging cosmetic effects of a specific species of alien beetle, F. proliferii, were made known. SICON, disappointed by the lack of minerals expected on the planet, largely abandoned many of its plans (excluding scientific ones) to the colonists and their families, who took up to establish a society of their own. However, as more discoveries were being made regarding the various animal and plant products of the species' on Solovei, SICON gradually returned, interested in securing a steady supply of potential goodies for their rapidly expanding military. However, this has never resulted in Solovei receiving a seat on the Federal Council, as they have not passed the population threshold to do so.


As mentioned, the vast majority of economic activity on Solovei involves the products of its biological constituents. That being said, there is also an unexpectedly healthy secondary economy revolving mostly around tourism; either to see the wilds of Solovei that have been sequestered off into temporary conservation parks, or to experience the novelty of being in a place that will likely be a large crater in two hundred years. Many television and wildlife shows feature footage shot on Solovei, particularly in the Gao-Wells Jungle.


Poaching is a serious problem on Solovei. With little else to capitalize on, gang activity tends to be centered around the procurement of animals and their products to supply interstellar demand on various illicit black markets. The police often find themselves outgunned by impressively armed poachers, sometimes resulting in the deployment of the Mobile Infantry to squelch particularly foul hunting parties.

Federal Status

Solovei is a subject of SICON due to the importance that it holds within the Federation. Several essential assets of the Federation, such as some of the medical biogel derivatives in use by the Mobile Infantry, are sourced from the biosphere of Solovei. In order to make things easier for itself, the Federation has a vested interest in the wellbeing of Solovei, at least until Litae collides with it. This has generated some grumbles from the residents of Solovei who feel that tolerating a Federal presence on the planet should yield representation on Iskander, but these sentiments have never materialized into significant strife or violence.

Impending Doom

Federal scientists have estimated that Solovei has approximately 200 years before Litae collides with the planet. This has naturally become a common talking-point among Soloveians, often characterizing their living choices with humor, usually involving remarks about borrowed time. "More succesful than an insurance salesman on Solovei" has become popular in recent times. Despite this attitude, SICON and various non-profits focused on conservation have been active on trying to secure as many species as they can on Solovei to prepare them for relocation. These efforts have had varying degrees of support and success.


Solovei has a rather measly garrison of 2.5k Mobile Infantry stationed in Adrasteia.