Standard Issue Toolkit

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Standard-Issue Toolkit
Standard-Issue Combat Engineer's Toolkit
'The Box O' Tricks' | Basic


Height 340mm (19.68")
Width 410mm (25.07")
Depth 205mm (9.05")
Weight 3.6kg (7.93lbs)

The SIT, otherwise known as the 'box o' tricks', or the 'magic box', is the Mobile Infantry Engineering Division's standard-issue toolkit. It is constructed of a hard-wearing, rugged black plastic in order to keep weight down but maintain durability. Despite being a rather unassuming black hard-case, it is nevertheless filled with everything most things the engineer may require in day-to-day activities and every engineer is expected to carry an SIT with the at least the standard contents in it

Standard Contents

All SITs contain the following:

  • 3x Adjustable spanners (6", 9", and 12")
  • 1x FED-STD multi-tool (Allen-keys, screwdriver, pliers, knife, wire stripper, crimping tool)
  • 1x Mk17 Plasma Torch + 5x refill cylinders
  • 1x Light-weight, extendable crowbar
  • 1x Soft-face hammer
  • 1x Punch set
  • 1x Extendable sledge-axe
  • 1x Miniaturised power-saw
  • 1x Entrenching tool
  • 1x Multi-Spectrum Detection Device
  • 2x MSI-AM241 power cells
  • 1x Roll of 200 sandbags
  • 1x Mechanical consumables kit

Additional Contents

There is also space for the following in specialized toolkits:

  • 1x Electrical consumables kit
  • 1x HCSI (Handheld Computer Software Interface)


  • FED-STD multi-tool
    - contains all Federation standard Allen-key sizes and screwdriver configurations, including security and Torx bits. It also contains pliers with side-cutters, a serrated and regular knife, a wire stripping tool, and a crimping tool for the three standard-sized wire crimps.
  • Light-weight, extendable crowbar
    - extends out in a telescoping fashion to a length of 1.5m (4.92ft) without sacrificing durability or strength. It features a curved, twin-pronged end, and a straight, single-pronged end, much like standard crowbars.
  • Extendable sledge-axe
    - similar to the crowbar, extends out to a length of 1m (3.28ft). It features a twin-head on top (axe on one side, sledge-hammer on the other), and a spike on the bottom.
  • Miniaturised power-saw
    - a small, battery-operated reciprocating saw, sporting a diamond-coated titanium nano-edged blade.
  • Mechanical consumables kit
    - contains many standard replacement parts and consumables including various mechanical fasteners (nuts, bolts, screws, washers, etc), a standard-sizes o-ring and gasket kit, bearings, servo-motors, air-tubing, PTFE tape, grease, and oil, etc.
  • Electrical consumables kit
    - contains wiring reels of various gauges, butt connectors, bootlace ferrules, terminal connectors, terminal strips/chocblocks in various gauges, soldering iron, solder, flux, heat shrink tubing, electrical tape (blue, brown, earth, black, grey), and cable ties. It also contains a box of various common electrical components including, but not limited to, relays, multiple circuit breakers, fuses, residual current devices, resistors, capacitors, LEDs, etc.