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Allegiance United Citizens' Federation
Population Large (1m+)
Mass 0.9
Radius 0.9
Atmosphere Breathable (oxygen rich)
Climate Varied
Strelitzia is a terrestrial planet on the outer rim of Federation territory. Nearly perfect for human colonization, Strelitzia was discovered in 2253 by a lost Brisch -based Federation mining frigate. Strelitzia's soil became incredibly fertile from millenia of naturally-accumulating nutrients deposited deep underground by rapidly-changing tectonic plate movements. With only a single continent, Strelitzia is almost used almost entirely for the farming of wheat, corn, and other staple foods.

Key Information

Key People

Maria Wells - Former Fleet Admiral back during the Second Bug War. Current Federal Councillor for Strelitzia.

Key Locations

Aeromebiaus Islands - Resort islands with famous beaches.

Paraiso Streli - Strelitzia's capital city. Operates a single shipyard.


Slideshow of typical Strelitzian landscapes.

Strelitzia was discovered in 2253 by a lost Brisch -based Federation mining frigate. The same year, Federal citizens queued up to help be a part of the colonization effort. SICON designated that Strelitzia's intial industries would be centered around agriculture, which few objected to. Since then, Strelitzia's population has exploded and its interests and ventures have rapidly diversified; Strelitzia now offers a host of services and commodities that would be found on any planet in the Federation. Strelitzia rallied with the 6th Fleet, then later the Coalition as the Civil War broke out, and managed to see little combat during the war.

Culture & Economy

Strelitzia is home to a number of different peoples and ethnicities, but its main constituency is composed of those of Asian and African descent. The vast majority of Strelitzia's population is engaged in some form of agriculture; farmers hold a high position of value in Strelitzian society.

Strelitzia's natural bounty has paved the way for innovations in local cuisine. One such article of food that has become popular is the elti, an apple-sized citrus fruit whose taste has been compared to raspberries mixed with oranges. Strelitzia's agriculture selection is heavily influenced by Terran tastes, which is also reflected in their cuisine.

Strelitzia's agricultural barons have enjoyed a boon of wealth from the Federation for supplying many of the relief efforts carried out by the Mobile Infantry and NGOs in their aid programs for refugees and the impoverished.

A number of companies call Strelitzia home:

  • Zenith Solutions - Interstellar security firm.
  • StrelitziAG - One of the largest agricultural companies on Strelitzia.
  • Dynamo - A toy company headquartered in Paraiso Streli


Strelitzia is administered much like other Federal colonies. Strelitzia's planetary parliament has kept Federal Councillor Maria Wells in power for nearly seven years as of 2299.


Strelitzia bears a small garrison respective to its population; many troops have been redirected to the AQZ as the Third Bug War progressed. An array of orbital cannons dot Strelitzia's equator, serving as a defense mechanism for any incoming Bug meteors.

Physical Aspects

Strelitzia's climate and landscape is similar to Earth's northern England or southern Scotland, with rolling hills of fields and occasional deep lochs. A mountain range loops around the northwest coast, and several small tropical archipelagos dot the planetwide ocean. The immaculate beaches often draw in tourists, causing the development of beach resorts along the coastlines, notably on the Aeromebiaus Islands.