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Allegiance United Citizens' Federation
Population Minor (10k+)
Mass 2.20 Earths
Radius 1.34 Earths
Atmosphere Breathable (oxygen rich)
Climate Mild

"...[they] don't understand that we don't want their laws. Despite everything this place can throw at you, it has something that none of the other colonies can offer. We don't want what they're selling. That's not how it works out here." – excerpt from diary of Hem Sherman, 2254. Subatai was originally scouted in 2221 on behalf of a colonist drive to populate the OM-14774 System from the neighboring planets of Alba Longa and Nefertem, where humanity had a more established presence. Subatai's terrain is adverse, and much of the planet is covered in mountain ranges which can average in height around 8,000 meters. The capitol, Page River, is settled around a flat basin on the edge of the river of the same name. The 'city' itself is very spread out over a 15,000 square mile diameter. Initially efforts at cultivation failed as microbes in Subatai's soil destroyed many rounds of crops in seasonal waves colloquially known as "The Dying." Many of the initial colonists died of illness and famine, but the second generation of colonists seemed to harbor some kind of resistance to the bacteria on the planet.

As time went on, initial hopes about hidden metals underneath the planet's crust were found to be false, and financial endeavor after financial endeavor more money was lost trying to broaden Subatai's habitability to no gain. By 2234, many had left the planet and the population was shrinking. However, in April of the same year an incarceration policy on Alba Longa and Nefertem called for the construction of prison camps in the mountains of Subatai where prisoners would perform hard labor. By 2243, incarcerated individuals compromised up to 40% of the population. The Federation would maintain a minimal presence outside of Page River, which would only shrink with the outbreak of the Bug Wars and the Civil War.

Soon, these prison camps would become overpopulated, and large areas of Subatai outside of Page River served as places for exile. Those who had comitted crimes in Federal service that were not worthy of the rope, political prisoners, and others were distributed throughout the largely untamed wilderness. Air traffic was prohibited anywhere outside of the port in Page River, and Fleet maintain a routine force orbiting the planet and kept an eye on anyone trying to enter.

Regardless, just as there were civilians itching to leave, there were those who were attracted by the spacious land largely untapped by the Federation. Subatai's wildlife is diverse, and its climates fickle and harsh. The lives of the first generations of Subatai's settlers were difficult ones that consisted of taming a dangerous and alien landscape with little assistance from SICON proper mostly due to mismanagement on the hands of Alba Longa and Nefertem and an absence of infrastructure. The lack of a substantial Federal presence prompted an increased level of crime, but as time crawled on extrajudicial retribution from the denizens of the planet balanced the scales in some sense. Eventually, economic strife on Alba Longa and Nefertem resulted in the ending of the 'reformative experiment' and many of the prisoners and their families were not recovered as staff scrambled to try and relocate as many of the prisoners as they could. Many of the prisoners that stayed behind, and assimilated into life on the frontier, cultivating a generally anti-Federation and radically independent view of subsistence.

Stubborn, fiercely independent, and largely indifferent or outright hateful of the Federation, the average resident of Page River in the present day is either descended from one of these original settlers, or from one of the many exiled. Most from Subatai maintain some level of scorn for the Federation, regarding life without their presence to be more rewarding than living under the conditions imposed by the UCF, despite officially falling under the jurisdiction. The Mobile Infantry maintains a skeleton crew in Page River, but it has grown smaller and smaller as the Bug Wars dragged on. With the outbreak of the Civil War, the few Mobile Infantry and Fleet assets on Subatai fell under Sanctuary's yoke, where day-to-day activities carried on as usual, even up to the end of the Civil War. The planet's position of little tactical value, and its land considered to difficult to traverse to be considered profitable, plans to increase the Mobile Infantry presence on the planet are doubtful. With multiple fronts to worry about, a crippled Fleet and a fatigued population, SICON has largely ignored Subatai's situation in favor of diverting troops to where they are more urgently required.


The more colorful residents of Subatai tend to have an aversion to dependency, and insist on maintaining their independence through whatever way they can. Many formalities and taboos are disregarded, and many locals don't have many qualms about coexisting with prostitutes, sexual deviants, and the 'seedy underbelly' of the OM-14774 System. Owing to the background of many of Subatai's residents, day-to-day subsistence is something that is seen as existing outside of the pressing constraints of urban life in the Federation. The untamed frontier of Subatai has attracted oddballs, explorers, the rootless, and the intrepid. This milieu of outlooks ultimately contributed to an attitude largely apathetic towards the Federation, and a generally hardy disposition to the adversities of the wilds, and the adversities of political realities in the Federation. Without much infrastructure present outside of Page River proper, many of Subatai's residents had to rely on one another for necessities. In many parts of the planet, this practice continues. As people were confined to the planet, tight communities formed from the relatively small population, and small bands of 'peacekeepers' were formed apropos to deal with particularly disruptive individuals. Due to their culture, life on Subatai has been largely unchanged by the tides of both the Bug Wars and the Civil War. As of 2299, most of those who could have left of their own accord have done so, migrating in favor of new opportunity growing in the shifting center of the Federation. Left behind are the seasoned products of life on Subatai, where their existence causes little worry for the Federation as a whole.


The economy of Subatai is centered around the mining and exporting of the planet’s mineral deposits and natural resources to the Federation, with corporations fighting each other for the contracts. It is due to the presence of extremely large deposits of important resources used in all manner of productions within the Federation that Subatai has now become one of the most sought after locations for mining corporations, with civilians and citizens alike seeing it as a gold rush style event of epic proportion. Estimates from economists and corporate analysts say that Subatai is so rich in minerals and natural resources that mining operations could run without any interruption or delay for 5 years before a marked decrease would ever be noticed.