Thomas Larkin

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Thomas Larkin, the Tech Sergeant of the 81st Engineering Division(born on the 19th of September London, Terra) serving with the 81st Dragoons, 1st Battalion, D.Company, 1st Platoon.

Pre-Enlistment life

Thomas was born in London, Terra but migrated along with his Auntie and three brothers to Scarvis where he grew up from the age eight. Settling in the Capital, Hoy where he lived in a more than average household. Although the second oldest out of his siblings he was being generally the one looked to and in charge of his family as he grew up during his teen age years. Once at enlistment age and post graduating school he enlisted as a Mobile Infantry Riflemen.

Larkin, Thomas
Mobile Infantry


Date of Birth: September 19th, 2270
Origin: London, Terra
Sex: Male
Rank: Tech Sergeant
Current Unit: 81st Edinburgh Dragoons
Status: Alive

Military Career

Enlisted: 21st October 2288

Current Service Time: 12 Years [Active Service]

Rank: Tech Sergeant

Unit Records:


Awards and Medal Record:

  • Purple Heart
  • PDF Service award
  • Citizenship Award
  • Veterancy Ribbon
  • Meritorious Service Award x 8
  • Combat Commendation
  • Civil War Participation Ribbon
  • Lambda Unit Citation
  • Operation Olympus Unit Citation
  • Operation Meggido Unit Citation
  • Operation Lambda Unit Citation
  • Omega Campaign Unit Citation
  • Engineering Accomplishment Award

Service Gallery:

  • Thomas Larkin and his crewman Dante De Luca at the time pictured on Operations on the planet, Toci by Federal Media Agents.
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