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Allegiance United Citizens' Federation
Population Minor (10k+)
Mass 1.38 Earths
Radius 1.18 Earths
Atmosphere Breathable (oxygen rich)
Climate Hot


Vendure Colony, the first colony to be founded in the Gliese 832 System was stood up in late 2297. The first thousand colonists of the new colony found the climate to be similar to Earth tropical climate, humid and rainy. Everywhere they looked would be vast forest, which scientists of the colonists quickly started studying the new plant life. As the colony grew and expanded, so did it’s resource output. While in the beginning, the Captain was very careful on resource management, with the Civil War and Progenitors about, most resources were being used in the war. The Great Famine in early 2298 caused the population of the colony to quickly decline by twenty-five percent, leaving the colony with just 75,000 to struggle to make food and receive it. After Hydro farms were able to be more readily built along two major river that passed the colony on it’s flanks, the population continued to climb. In mid of 2298, reports were sent in to SICON about the valuableness of the colonies’ medical use from all the new plant life found in the forest. With that, SICON started readily advertising and sending doctors and scientist to the colony, helping it grow even faster with fresh blood. The colony itself slowly outgrew it’s sister colonies.


The people of the colony would become very dependent on technology and research. People and the governor would prioritize research and study to be the utmost importance for the colony survival. The colony, also still being quite new, still used the mindset of conserving all materials it gathers and takes in. Therefore many occupants have taken upon themself to recycle and turn in used products, where a small plant had be built. Universal or medical schools, though very small in size or even homeschool school had been started, the population started become more medical incline. This would help with the birth rate climb, as infant mortality declined very quickly. The people of the colony, becoming great, knowledgeable and skilled doctors soon caught the eyes of SICON. An enlistment center would be erected next to the colonies capital, The Green House. Though few in numbers, the enlistment from the colony was slow and study and with more people coming to the new fledgling colony, the numbers grew very slowly. The people of the colony were happy, helpful people and wanted to do their part by saving lives in the Federation military. Many enlisted went on to be medical scientists, doctors or combat medics in the Mobile Infantry, where their skills greatly help save lives.

Law and Government

Very few police officer reside in Vendure colony, due to few reasons. First reason would be because most citizens there are so inclined with their medical work that most don’t bother. Second reason does with it’s small population, still being fairly new, the colony has a low population, making the numbers for police for even number. Another reason is because the culture is so nice and friendly, crime there is virtually non existent. Lastly, due to the unknown wildlife of the planet, the governor has given the people to open carry for self protection as they go into the wilderness to study the increasing new plant life and wildlife.

The colony being dense and small in population as of now, also is a reason for low crime. Most people know each other as they relatively live and work together. This makes it hard for any smugglers to come here, as there is not much of a place to land or meet up at, for the first sign of trouble, the people become protective of their home. The colonies’ governor, Alice Mage, has become a strong figure for the place. With being a prior Captain in the fleet, she has taken a stand of no nonsense from anyone. Being a strong willed person and easily managing the colonies’ affairs and life to keep any trouble to a minimal has helped the colony even grow more as there is no trouble to be had besides the wild life.


The colony makes half of it’s food, while the other half comes in from shipping lanes and supplies from SICON to help keep the colony going. The main focus of the colony itself would be medicine. Many laboratories, pharmaceuticals and medical schools have popped up in the colony. Vendure colony have slowly become known by SICON as “Medical Haven” as the economy runs on the new research, development and exportation of new medicine to the military and to other colonies that don’t have much. SICON would be funding many new researches, helping to boost enthusiasm for research. The colony main export would be medicine. Small businesses, being medically based would pop-up all around the colony, mostly family owned. The colony still being small has become a very small tourist attraction for outsiders. Many coming in to view the vast wilderness and beautifulness that surrounds the colony. Some scientists and explorers has taken the side job of being guides for people, using their limited knowledge to show people of the colony and the outside of it. Though this would cost a good amount of money, as food, water and ammunition has to be bought and brought along.

Points of Interests

The Vendure colony of the system has become a major interest over most colonies in the system, even considering how new and small it is. This has help make small amount of revenue from tourist that want to see the new wildlife and plant life.