Violet Pearce

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Violet I. Pearce is part of the Mobile Intelligence Psychic Operations Detachment and a Citizen of the Federation, currently serving under the command of Lieutenant Carson (81st Edinburgh Dragoons, 'Carsons Cavaliers').

Early Life

Pearce, Violet


Date of Birth: October 4th, 2277
Origin: Station 4, Oraelia
Sex: Female
Rank: WO5
Current Unit: 81st Edinburgh Dragoons|101st MIPOD
Status: Alive

Born in 2277 in a mining vessel orbiting Oraelia, Violet's life started out as one might expect it would in a far reach mining colony. With two parents working day and night in order to earn their way into a better life, Violet spent three years in a makeshift schooling, taught by a temporary school teacher brought all the way from Shoreridge, as the other planets within Gliese 163 couldn't spare such a resource. Being left to mostly her own accords by her rather careless parents, Violet found family in a rather odd place, among the stationed MI Garrison aboard the massive space-station. With the surface too hostile to explore, an five-year-old Violet spent most of her time listening to the stories from the men and women with rifles, always fascinated by them; even if she didn't know what most of the words meant.

Year after year passed, with only a subpar education and non-existent parents, until finally a turning point arrived. Perhaps the only reason Violet is alive is due to her always being around the Garrison, as she was one of the first to be evacuated after a fungal infection carried from below the planet's surface had begun ravaging the living quarters of the miners, and soon after the entire vessel.

Arriving on Shoreridge, Violet and the hundreds of others had to be quarantined for nearly two weeks time. In that time, her 'friends' within the garrison realized that their young friend most likely had no family, and thus had pushed hard to find her a place to stay. It didn't take long for the young girl to be adopted by the Pearce family on Shoreridge, and quickly got whisked away after quarantine was lifted on the group. Violet didn't forget her garrison friends, nor would she mostly likely ever.

It didn't take long for the young girl to be found as a psychic, now that the proper facilities were present to her. And, the proper education was administered. Between schooling, family dinners, and the occasional video call to her 'old friends' from Oraelia's Station 4, Violet had already grown up a bit too fast. And, before she was even eighteen, she had already had her mind set on Federal Service.

Military Career

Branch of Service: MIPOD

Enlisted: October 5th, 2296

Previous Units: None

Certifications: BCT, CLS, BPCC, PIC, OCS, SERE

Service Record

  • Rebuilding corrupted files... 87%