From Federal Database


Allegiance Unaffiliated
Population Uninhabited
Mass 0.66
Radius 0.66
Atmosphere Barely breathable (oxygen poor)
Climate Freezing
Zeonides is a very cold planet and it is assumed that it is currently going through some kind of Ice Age, just as Earth did before Humans emerged. Obviously sustaining life on its own isn't something this planet will be capable of in the near future, but the conditions are good enough to allow terraforming and the planet is rich in resources, which could make it perfect for a mining colony, which is why the Federation has declared their interest in it. However, the conditions on this planet are currently far too violent and often changing. It is estimated that in a few centuries at best, life will begin to appear, but right now we can only exploit its natural resources and study this young planet for more information about how planets are formed.

SICON classification

Zeonides is classified as a Deadly World.

These worlds are naturally hostile to life, with acidic atmospheres, particularly inclement weather, geological instability or a combination of these factors.  Only the toughest bugs survive on such planets, though they become the most dangerous predators and build the strongest colonies.