112th Battalion

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The 112th 'Lobsters' Mobile Infantry Battalion, The 112th 'Larsen's Lobsters' Mobile Infantry Battalion, formerly the 112th 'Hercules' and 'Warriors' Mobile Infantry Battalion is compromised of a large percentage of individuals recalled from the 77th 'Fruits' Mobile Infantry Battalion after the battalion's disbandment. The 112th has taken part in dozens of major campaigns and large-scale operations. It currently deploys from the UCF-BC-291 "Ulysses S. Grant" as of November, 2297.
112th Battalion
Allegiance United Citizen Federation
Branch Mobile Infantry
Type Infantry Battalion
Size Battalion

Part of 31st Morita Regiment,

4th Mobile Infantry Division

Nicknames "Hudson's Hercules";
"Wittman's Warriors";
"Larsen's Lobsters";

Military History
Engagements Siege of Brisch
Operation Blue Eagle
Operation Desert Flames
UMN Uprising
Operation Golden Spire
Operation Holland Road
Edenwell Incident
Operation Adrestia
Operation Breadbasket
Operation Moros
Operation Restoring Hope
Operation Omega
Operation λambda

Commanders John Hudson
Jason Wittman
Brian C. Larsen

Status Active

Chain of Command & Structure

There are five levels of organization within the 112th Mobile Infantry Regiment, starting with the Regiment itself. Currently headed by Brigadier General Brian C. Larsen, the regiment itself is responsible for its own well being. Recruitment, administration, and training is all handled within the regiment independently. Many regiments including the 112th observe their own traditions and keep unit history in order to preserve functional esprit de corps. Beneath that, there are typically two Battalions in any given Regiment. Lieutenant Colonel Shaw and Major DeShawn Biggums presently command over each Battalion respectively.

Each Battalion has four Companies, each overseen by a Captain and a Lieutenant. The officers are in charge of the administration, training, and organization of their Company and are held to the standards of the Battalion or Regiment.