77th Battalion

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The 77th "Fruits" Mechanized Infantry Battalion (previously known as both the 77th "Lucky Sevens"/"Raiders" and the 77th "Sabretooths") was stationed on the AFC-BC117 Audie Murphy. The 77th was under command of Colonel Emily Rainer until her promotion to Brigadier General.

The troopers of the 77th took part in several major operations, including Operation Firestorm, Operation Desert Flames, the siege of Brisch and in Operation Blue Eagle.

The 77th also contained the 117 Games and Theory SICON detachment.

On August 20th, 2273, the Federation dismantled the 77th due to various reports from their SICON detachment of instability and rampant insubordination. Many troopers were transfered to the 112th "Hudson's Hercules" Mobile Infantry Battalion, while others were granted honorable discharge.

77th Battalion
Allegiance United Citizen Federation
Branch Mobile Infantry
Type Mechanized Infantry
Size Battalion

Part of 31st Morita Regiment,
4th Mobile Infantry Division

Nicknames "Lucky Sevens", "Raiders" (Official designations)
"Strawn's Sabretooth", "Furie's Fruits"

Military History
Engagements Operation Firestorm

Commanders Emily Rainer
Angelica Natasha Strawn
John Hudson
Jack Furie

Status Inactive
Dismantled 2287

Roster at the time of dismantling

Commissioned Officers

  • Maj. John Hudson
  • Cpt. Mow Sha Chung
  • Cpt. Jack Furie
  • Lt. Jason Wittman
  • Lt. Nick Wolf

Non-Commissioned Officers

  • MSgt. Gaufrid Henike
  • SSgt. John Breachment
  • SSgt. Elizabeth Grifflez
  • Sgt. James Shawl
  • Sgt. Logan Briggs
  • Cpl. Wolf Kildren
  • Cpl. Allen Fisher
  • Cpl. Michael Ramsey
  • Cpl. Davio Rodriguez
  • Cpl. Ariel Shawl
  • Cpl. October Sylvestry
  • LCpl. Angelica Chung

Specialized Infantry


  • Cpt. Mow Sha Chung
  • LCpl. Angelica Chung
  • Pfc. Bryan Hauson
  • Pvt. Cesare Furrucio


  • Spc. Hannah Furie
  • Spc. Jayne McGregor
  • Spc. Nyu Sasogawa
  • Spc. Bosporous Seilski


  • Spc. Jessica Greene
  • Spc. Anastaja Grysbowska
  • Spc. Diwata Kalago
  • Spc. Alex Noris

Notable Troopers

Sky Marshal John Hudson;

General Jason Wittman;

Brigadier General Emily Rainer;

Major General James Stiles;

Maj. Sevda Iseltov Hof.png;

Cpl. Davio Rodriguez (Bartender of the year award 2284, 2285, 2286, 2287);

The Fallen

  • BrgdrGen. Danny 'Hicks' Martin
  • Lt. Bill Johnson
  • Sgt. Jack Selvon
  • Sgt. James Shawl
  • Sgt. Nikolai Kruschevik