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Alpha Centauri is Sol’s closest stellar neighbour and the brightest star in the constellation of Centaurus. When seen through a telescope, it is actually three stars orbiting around one another. This trinary star system consists of of two Sun-like stars, Alpha Centauri A (also named ACA or Rigil Kentaurus) and Alpha Centauri B (ACB), and a red dwarf, Alpha Centauri C, or Proxima Centauri, which is loosely gravitationally bound and orbiting the other two at a current distance of about 0.21 ly.
Alpha Centauri

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Distance from UCF Centre: 4.37 light years
Number of Colonies: 2
Retention Index Average: 3.5

The binary star system Alpha Centauri AB is approximately 4.37 light years away from Earth and is of paramount importance to the United Citizens’ Federation, boasting a colony on Hesperus and on Hod, which are the first colonies established outside of the Sol system and are vital to SICON’s ongoing military efforts. The Federation could continue to exist if the Alpha Centauri system was lost but it would be a sore blow indeed.

For a long time, Col. Silas Burke was reigning governor of the Alpha Centauri system. He retired from a long career in the Mobile Infantry and has accomplished what many would thought impossible – he has actually managed to increase the productivity at the Hesperus shipyards, which were already famous for their speed and efficiency.

During the Civil War, Hesperus served as the Capital of the Centaurian Empire, which have later formed an alliance with the 6th Fleet to form the Coalition. As an aftermath of the Civil War, Col. Silas Burke retired from his governor position and will likely be replaced by Col. Michael Ramsey who is looking back to a long career in the Mobile Infantry and then Military Intelligence.

Alpha Centauri A

Alpha Centauri A is the primary member of the binary system, being slightly larger and more luminous than the Sun. It is a solar-like main-sequence star with a similar yellowish colour, whose stellar classification is spectral type G2 V.

Alpha Centauri A is orbitted by two inner, rocky planets, one of them being Hesperus. Further away from the star are three gas giants, named Oceanus, Coeus, and Crius. One of the moons of Coeus was later colonized and is now known as the colony of Hod.

Alpha Centauri B

Alpha Centauri B is the secondary star of the binary system, and is slightly smaller and less luminous than the Sun. It is a main-sequence star of spectral type K1 V, making it more an orange colour than the primary star. Alpha Centauri B is about 90 percent the mass of the Sun and 14 percent smaller in radius. Although it has a lower luminosity than component A, star B emits more energy in the X-ray band. Alpha Centauri B is orbitted by three gas giants and five rocky planets. Since the arrangement of the planets resembled our own solar system, they were named for their counterparts: Vulcan (inside Mercury's orbit), Hermes (Mercury), Aphrodite (Venus), Gaea (Earth), Ares (Mars), Zeus (Jupiter), Cronus (Saturn), and Poseidon (chosen instead of another name for Uranus, because it occupies the equivalent of Neptune's orbit).

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