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Barnard's Star System

Distance from UCF Centre: 6.1 light years
Number of Colonies: 2
Retention Index Average: 3
Allegiance: FederationFlag.jpg

The Federation survey mission to the Barnard’s Star

system arrived with two missions, only one of which was made public. The public mission, obviously, was to study the system for the viability of placing a new colony there. The nature of the star itself made this a priority mission, as Barnard’s Star emits a constant energy signature that is easy to detect even at astronomical distances. This signature makes the star extremely important for stellar navigation, and SICON desired to use the system as a jumping off point for further exploration.

The second reason for the survey mission was kept concealed from all but a few of SICON’s personnel. The Federation’s long-range scanners had detected another signal coming from the vicinity of Barnard’s Star, a signal that bore more than a passing resemblance to the siganture of the alien vessel that had destroyed the Sun Tzu and the Reynolds in the Alpha Centauri system (See Hesperus Incident). Determined to avoid a repetition of that calamity, SICON dispatched the most heavily armed ‘survey’ mission in its history in 2050, consisting of nearly a score of warships, led by the Citizen, the Federation flagship. Of course, by the time this survey team arrived at Barnard’s Star, there was no trace of the errant signal that had put SICON on alert. The aliens that attacked at Hesperus, if indeed they ever were there in the first place, had left and have never returned. Though the potential of contact with the aliens was never openly discussed by SICON, the inclusion of 20 warships in a survey mission was not the kind of thing that goes unnoticed and the truth was soon common knowledge in the Federation. Once SICON was satisfied the Barnard’s Star system was clear of any hostiles, the second part of the survey mission could truly begin.

It was obvious from the moment the SICON task force arrived that the system would be unsuitable for a standard colony. Only two planets orbited the star, both of them gas giants. There was not even an appreciable asteroid field in the system, meaning there was no solid land anywhere for the placement of a colony. However, the two gas giants were revealed to be excellent sources of a number of useful gasses. Combined with the value of Barnard’s Star for navigation, it was inevitable that somehow this system would be colonised. The current governor of the Barnard’s Star system is Felix Devereaux. Governor Devereaux served one term in the Mobile Infantry to earn his franchise before entering the business world. He has a longstanding relationship with the Expanded Consortium of Civilian Operators (ECCO), a fact which makes the Castian Corporation rather nervous.

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