Colonial Confederation

From Starship Troopers RP

Name: Colonial Confederation

Leader(s):  The elected governors of each individual colony. Executive role filled by Donna Miller (former) head of Colonial Party.

Description: Colonies on the fringe of Federation space, these colonies were under the patronage of the Colonial Party prior to the invasion of Terra. Following the downfall of SICON, these colonies declared themselves to be independent, not for disdain of the Federation, but because in their eyes it no longer existed. They then banned together out of necessity for survival. Their military consists of the various Planetary Defense Forces of the colonies as well as the central police force, "The Colonial Guard", a militia comprised of Veterans resettled on colonies. Their space fleet is mostly civilian transports, although they possess a few Fleet warships that were stationed in the nearby space. 

Non-expansionist. Defensive military action only.

Capital: Castus