April 22, 2322 • 13:54 FST


Unit news

  • Nothing To report

Standing Orders

  • Prepare the ship For departure
  • Ensure all cargo is loaded
  • Fleet, Ensure systems are In order



Tango Urilla






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Oleg Shturko (500584)

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Carson Kirby (500539)

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Johnny John (500598)

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Paul Markkanen (500541)

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Miles Jones (500119)

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John Dawson (500014)

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Lanius Grandin (500252)

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Trix Rowe (500862)

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Niko Patel (500831)

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Rayson Black (500747)



RCS-05 • March 16, 2321 • Terrence Tent (500307)
Operation Devil's Cloak

Misfits took civilian ship to RCS-05. Landed at civilian port. All Misfits were in civilian clothes during, carried only radio and sidearm throughout the operation.

All Misfits began looking for a restaurant as cover. Came up to a guard picket and all four of us were asked our names as a check by two armed guards, this is when we all invented our cover names. No suspicion was created and guards permitted us to move around the town. Overheard civilians speaking about a one intelligence officer being at the local bar while looking for restaurant.

SPC Sanderson caught eye of said intelligence officer and immediately attempted to befriend her near the port. Sanderson was asked by the officer to join in drink at the bar. Myself, CWO Butcher and SPC Calix followed the two to the bar on foot at a distance. We all split up each ordering food or drink in the bar. I myself attempted to start a conversation with the officer at the drinks ordering counter but was told by the officer to be left alone including not to attempt to hit on Sanderson. Sanderson asked for permission over radio to carry on getting to know target and was given permission.

Sanderson was invited by the officer to follow her around the town to speak about intimate topics but also the officer's political goals and plans. They spent up to an hour walking around the town with intelligence officer while Calix and myself tailed them to keep track of Sanderson's location. Sanderson was eventually invited to the officer's office but attained very little information inside because she could not distract the officer for enough time to look around.

As Sanderson and the intelligence officer were walking around an incinerator room I ran into it and had been spotted by the officer who pulled a sidearm on me asking me what I was carrying or doing. I said I was not carrying anything and was looking for a supermarket and the officer told me I have five seconds to run away or she would shoot me, I did so. Sanderson was transmitting to the rest of the misfits when she had a moment to transmit.

The transit PA sounded ten minutes to next boat out of the town, Sanderson said she had attained information about the officer and she would meet us at the transit port by the time the next boat was to depart. Calix asked if I would let her run into the office and looks for clues while the two were away but I denied the request due to high risk of discovery. Officer accompanied Sanderson to the port where they exchanged contact information. All Misfits boarded boat out under sight of officer, returned to Onoda.

RCS-108 • March 14, 2321 • Terrence Tent (500307)
Operation Submerged

Misfits deployed to planet by dropship. Walked to AO narrowed down to search for missing party, a small town that was found flooded at least one meter above pavement level.

We went on top a roof of a building and attempted to reach the missing party by long range radio. We attained no reply. WO Black was asked to make a telepathic connection with the party but could not get close enough to make such a connection.

I ordered everyone to begin searching individually. We used up about an hour to search all of the submerged basement and train systems.

A one LT Iloveta Blowmen of said party was found deceased inside a car full of water that was submerged in said basement systems.

Misfits returned to Onoda.

RCS-77 • March 13, 2321 • Terrence Tent (500307)
Operation Federal Dealings

Misfits under LCPL Tent inserted into RCS-77 by dropship.

Spotted base entrance with guard towers on one end of the AO, deemed to dangerous to infiltrate. Went in opposite direction following main road to find several multi-story buildings, under them were artillery and triple-a emplacements, as well as armored cars, servicing several dozen armed locals mixed with civilians.

Took SE road to find a fortified hill. Technician SPC Sanderson deployed drone to scout out the area, found many trenches on hill fortified by sandbag walls, with several riflemen lookouts. A church was atop the fortified hill. Using stealthy movement passed around the foritifed hill, located a building with ammunition crates and their manifest, noted details of said manifest.

Eventually came up to isolated wood houses, identified two civilians who were psychically scanned by WO Black and revealed no military information.

Continued to find another base on the opposite end of the AO. Technician was permitted to get closer to it without accompaniment and deployed drone and found there to be many armored cars, flying craft of various kinds and ground vehicles of various kinds. While this was taking place, Black and myself moved through some wheat fields near to a sniper tower for Black to conduct a psychic scan on two snipers inside it. I left Black to do the psychic work and alongside Sanderson found a building to conceal ourselves in. Out of the window we spotted the HVT talking to armoed civilians.

I asked Sanderson to deploy a drone and take pictures of the HVT due to not having appropriate equipment myself. Black was spotted by the snipers and forced all of us to run towards the extraction point. All troopers made it to extraction point, without any wounded.

RCS-108 • March 13, 2321 • Sofia Torres (500607)
Operation Turncoat

An initial attempt was made at accomplishing the mission under CPL Torres but was declared a failure.

Second attempt was lead by myself. Bombardment of the compound was done in order to clear any hostiles on the Misfits' way to the basement, no hostiles were encountered above ground.

Our dropship landed just a hundred or so meters from the exterior wall of the building whose basements we were to search for the said intel that needed to be retrieved, and ordered to wait in place for our extraction. Second Lieutenant Bespin of INTEL lead us across a wall and to the basement entrance without encountering any hostiles. We started to go deeper and deeper into the basement system, neutralizing up to thirty armed hostiles in total up to the point when we found the piece of intel.

During the clearing, both the LT and PFC Markus sustained injuries that were promptly made secure so that the team would be able to fight at full strength. The LT took the said piece of intel and we began to make our way out of the basement system, only several enemy stragglers were neutralized on our return to surface. The LT primed a DOTON at delay of one minute inside the basement and we made it back to the waiting dropship at original strength, dusting off just as the thing detonated.

Dropship returned to the Onoda and all participants accounted for.

Klendathu • March 09, 2321 • Terrence Tent (500307)
Operation Eagle's Fist: Day 4

AAR Written by Melody Vane as Tent was unwilling to write it.

Misfit was deployed to the AO to take out a series of plasma batteries. The element proceeded to do just that, the Plasma were in fairly open terrain and it took minimal effort. A skyhook carrying a member of Military Intelligence then crashed, Misfit moved to recover the Intelligence officer who was found wounded but made stable.

Misfit then extracted.