Date January 23, 2321
Location Chastrilles (rp_jupiter_underground)
Lead Jessica Kerala (500567)
Gladiators was sent out to retrieve research for MOBCOMM on the planet of Chastrilles. Due to lower numbers, a single element was formed directly under my command.

Upon arrival to the first bunker, Gladiators found that the MI garrison that had previously manned it was already KIA. Specialist Ramsey collected the tags and we proceeded down into the bunker.

Once Gladiators arrived to the other end of the tunnel, the plasmas were using a small town for cover in a valley. Once the plasmas were all killed, Gladiators continued West until we reached an abandoned MI Checkpoint while still fighting off the warriors.

Entering into a darker valley, the bugs made use of having the elevated terrain on either side of us. Gladiators kept firing on the move and punched a hole through the bugs before a massive wave of warriors began to give chase.

Once we made it out of the valley, Gladiators were updated with markers on the position of the research facility we were intended to search.

Once Gladiators arrived, we found a hole in the floor that gave access to the basement and proceeded down towards the lab. Minor contact was made. Eventually all of the dossiers were retrieved and we were clear to continue on.

It was here that we found the facility was largely compromised with a vast bug tunnel network already dug into it. The final file was taken and we rushed out due to being low on ammo and a big wave incoming.


Name Role Notes
Spc. Carter Ramsey Medics
WO. Elviira Lehtinen MIPOD
3Spc. Gunner Zaletzky Engineers
Spc. Hector Cortell Mobile Infantry Alpha 2IC
LCpl. Jessica Kerala Mobile Infantry Drop Leader
Pvt. Tommy Strong Mobile Infantry Alpha Actual